Friday, April 20, 2012

Another interview with 'Cosmopolis' Producer Paulo Branco. Talks about the movie and Rob

The tv piece starts by describing the movie's story. In it its mentioned that “Robert Pattinson gets away from the teen themes represented by the Twi Saga to be the lead actor of Cosmopolis”.

Then Paulo Branco starts to talk telling that “(Rob) in the beginning refused the role because he had a bit of fear of the challenge imposed by this movie. In this movie he is, from beginning to end, in all photograms (scenes)”

It was Paulo Brancos idea of adapting this book to the cinema and Cronenberg was the 1st director that the producer thought of.

“It took me a while to get to him because, although I'd already met him, I didn't know him that well. At first he (Cronenberg) said it was a bit difficult to do it because of other projects he had going. I gave him he book and 24 hours later he phoned me saying “Paulo this is for me! It is the ideal book for me to adapt. Let's do this”

The piece continues by saying that Cosmopolis is one of the movies in competition for the Palme d'Or in Cannes. More than a win, the producer considers the presence of the movie at Cannes as a showroom for the movie to the world.

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Iluvthemovies said...

I am so happy to hear that Robert overcame his fear and went to meet the challenge of this film. It shows his courage especially at the hands of a creative genius. I hope this film does very well at Cannes and looking forward to the Red Carpet event through live stream or some sort of media.

PixieFairy said...

Hoping that I can make it to the premiere in Portugal!!
Have to take the day off from work and try "camping" at the location;)
I´m so proud of Rob and proud of the producer Paulo Branco for beeing to pull this of for my country:)
We never have this kind of events here...
Hugs to all

Iluvthemovies said...

@justme@31, I am so glad that you will have the opportunity to be one of the first to see Robert in this movie. When you do go and are able to get in please let us know if his performance is as good as we think it is, I especially would love to know how diverse the audience is that views the movie. More males, females, or equally divided. Good luck, I hope you are one of the first to get in and that you get a personal photo or autograph from Rob at the premiere.

PixieFairy said...

@Iluvthemovies, thank you for the support:) In the same day that Cosmopolis premieres in Portugal, May 31st, it also premieres On The Road and Snow White wich is kind of cool:)
For now I´m waiting for the confirmation of where is going to be the red carpet event with Robert so can take the day off from work and "camp" out there:):)
And yes, I promise I would make everything to have at least one tiny picture;)
An I will let you know about the performance, the fans, the audience, everything:):)
Kisses and Hugs from Portugal!

twilightnan said...

@justme@31...I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time..I hope you get to see Rob really close..don't faint lol! Goodluck ..looking forward to any pics or news about Rob,Cosmopolis and your experience:) you said..even a tiny pic lol:)

PixieFairy said...

I´ll do my best:)
And hoping that I can bring some awesome news to all:)