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'Cosmopolis' Trailer Reactions

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You can watch the two trailers here and here.

I’ve been waiting for this day for nearly a month now. Like many of you, my mind was blown back in March when the first trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis arrived online. Since then I’ve been desperately craving to see more from the movie, and sadly the new images that came out one week later just weren’t enough. But tonight is the night: we finally have the first feature length trailer.

Coming to us courtesy of Allocine (via ROS), the new preview is just as awesome as the teaser trailer and has the added benefit of being nearly four times as long
-Cinema Blend

"Show me something I don't know." This looks wild, Cronenberg back with more debauchery. (via The Film Stage) has posted the full-length official trailer for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, starring Robert Pattinson as a billionaire who takes his limo around the city for an entire day. Lots of crazy shit happens, and I mean some seriously crazy things, as you'll get a glimpse of in this.
-First Showing

Seems like David Cronenberg is back to doing what he does best - creating sublimely weird nightmares and slipping them into the arena of mainstream cinema. It also looks like a peach of a role for Pattinson, who's set to shake off his tween pin-up credentials as the film's increasingly deranged protagonist.
-Total Film

I was personally no fan of Cronenberg's last film, which hit the fall festival circuit. At all. But with this trailer it looks like he's back in the pocket I like. I mean, it's about a rich dude (Robert Pattinson) taking his limo across town to get a haircut.

Adapted from Don DeLillo’s novel, and starring Robert Pattinson in a perhaps completely incidental headline-grabbing fashion, this looks like the kind of lean, perverse futurism that Cronenberg has excelled at.
-Bleeding Cool

For those who suspect the 69-year-old of mellowing with age, Cronenberg has one last word: Cosmopolis.
-Awards Daily

This trailer expands on the mind-bending bits found in the first, with a great look at what will certainly be Pattinson’s meatiest role yet. I love the imagery Cronenberg is playing with, as it looks to be something straight out of one of his 80s/early 90s classics.
-The Film Stage

Based on the book by Don DeLillo, the film offers the most promising non-"Twilight" role for Robert Pattinson yet as the billionaire Eric Packer who has one helluva day in his limousine. Sex, drugs, hallucinations and more cross his path, and for anyone worried Cronenberg had become respectable with "A Dangerous Method" he's in full form here, even going back to his psycho-sexual roots in what looks like something out of a Terry Gilliam film inspired by an LSD trip.

"Cosmopolis" hits theaters May 23 in France. It's likely due in theaters in the fall, and we'd assume with the Canuck connection Cronenberg will place the North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this fall.
-The Playlist

Just hours before Cannes film festival bosses Gilles Jacob and Thierry Fremaux were set to announce this year’s lineup at the 65th annual festival, a trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis hit the Internet, confirming the film’s inclusion in the official selection at Cannes.

The first few seconds of the trailer included the festival's signature "Competition Officielle Festival de Cannes" stamp and golden palm logo.
-The Hollywood Reporter

Though the credits recall Gaspar Noe’s ‘Enter the Void,’ that may just be the result of ‘Void’ having the most striking credit sequence this side of ‘Se7en.’ The images on screen – from the parade sequence to Pattinson doing damage to himself – seem to come straight from the world of early Cronenberg, that dark twisted Canuck who made horror films that were as cerebral as they were visceral.

This also features an amazing cast – some of whom show up in this trailer, others yet to be revealed. Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon and Jay Baruchel make brief appearances while Paul Giamatti and Samantha Morton are barely glimpsed.
-Screen Crush

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From what little we have seen of David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, it’s clear that the director has returned to the depraved and gruesome style of cinema that brought him to the dance in the first place. In the movie, Robert Pattinson plays a young billionaire named Eric Packer who simply wants to go out and get a haircut, but along the way, he loses his entire fortune and becomes a target for murder. Breaking out of the Twilight mold, Pattinson looks like the perfect choice to play a sociopathic youth with way too much money and time on his hands.

This extended trailer illustrates the morally bankrupt world that Pattinson lives in, and the manic, paranoid tone of the entire film. Cronenberg is at his best when he introduces an audience to the seedy underbelly of society. He did it in Eastern Promises and A History of Violence, and Cosmopolis looks to be one of the director’s most corrupt worlds yet.

Reactions to the Cosmopolis teaser trailer have ranged from eloquent statements – expressing excitement for the latest strange and disturbing piece of cinema produced by David Cronenberg (The Fly, A History of Violence, etc.) – to somewhat less insightful comments (such as “WTF is this?!”). To be fair, both “extremes” were quite called for, as that short trailer packs a whole lot of madness into a slim period of time.

That’s all to say: the newly-unveiled full-length theatrical promo for Cosmopolis (see above) is probably going to prompt similar responses across the board, especially since the trailer is structured more to raise questions about the film’s storyline and content (as opposed to summarizing them). An intriguing, but fitting, approach to take here, it seems.

Well, actually, it just looks f*cking awesome. If you're a fan of Cronenberg's work then these two trailers should get you jazzed. I've missed his surreal style for a while now and I'm genuinely excited to see this. The cast looks great, even Pattinson, who carries a stigma from the TWILIGHT franchise with him. However, the more work like this that he does, then the easier it will be to forget his diamond-sparkle, fangless vampire role.

Still, the drama—competing for the Palme d’Or prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival—looks exceptionally compelling, and the little Cronenberg cinematic idiosyncrasies look downright fascinating.

I mean, being plucked from the Harry Potter supporting wings and the odd pre-fame arthouse pic for eternal teen vampire glory aside, signing on for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis looks more and more like the best decision Robert Pattinson has ever made. Now that the edgy adaptation of Don DeLillo's 2003 novel is heading for a Cannes debut -- and with the fearlessly cold, cynical swagger RPattz displays in the latest Cosmopolis trailer -- this is shaping up to be the career-changer the erstwhile Edward Cullen has been looking for.


But the new Cosmopolis trailer and Cannes announcement achieves something no mainstream romantic vehicle could do for Pattinson: It suggests to the uninitiated that there's something more to him than teen idol fare.

Looking at the new trailer, I can't help but think to myself: Cronenberg is BACK!

There's a good reason Robert Pattinson's upcoming film "Cosmopolis" won the MTV Movie Brawl earlier this year: it looks freaking awesome.

Hot off the news that the flick will be making its premiere at Cannes this year, the folks behind the movie released two new trailers that give us a good idea of what we can expect when David Cronenberg's latest hits theaters. In true Cronenberg fashion, "Cosmopolis" looks like it will be dark, surreal and all around fantastic.

It also is Pattinson's first chance to really flex his acting muscles in something that's not a romantic film, a genre that he's been somewhat pigeonholed in ever since "Twilight" first came out. Between this and "Bel Ami" being released this year, we're looking forward to seeing a side of the 25-year-old actor that we've never seen before.

Two full trailers have now gone online, and Cronenberg is the star of both. Pattinson still looks good, but these trailers show off a David Cronenberg surrealism we haven’t seen in some time. And judging by these trailers, it’s very good to have it back.

The next stop in the R-Patz’s neverending, Holy Grail-like quest to prove he’s more than just a sexy, anguished vampire, is an adaptation of Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis. Similar to other recent ventures, it’s looking from the full length trailer like he’ll be having a lot of sex while at the same time being, like, totally overwhelmed by it all. This time around, he plays a Romney son on a really bad acid trip.

But now that we get to see the impressive full trailer, it's safe to say this movie isn't just different from Twilight -- but probably from any film we've ever seen.

Seriously, what the heck is this movie even about?!

Though whether you can figure out the film's plot or not, one thing is for certain -- this is Pattinson's big chance for audiences to see him in a gritty, non-romantic role -- and he's clearly going for it.
-The Insider

So, don’t go see “Cosmopolis” because Robert Pattinson is attempting something quite serious and artistically challenging—even though he looks rather brilliant in the trailer. See the film because David Cronenberg is always at his best when interpreting the work of great writers, like William S. Burroughs (“Naked Lunch”) and J. G. Ballard (“Crash”).
-Death and Taxes

The closer we get to COSMOPOLIS, the more excited I get. Keep in mind the movie doesn’t have a US release date yet but I’d buy my ticket now if I could.

The David Cronenberg film, based on the novel by Don DeLillo, seems as weird and unsettling as you’d expect from Cronenberg. The movie looks like it’s showcasing the complete societal breakdown of New York. Indeed, the entire trailer feels very apocalyptic. This is material that Cronenberg can really have fun with.

Much has been made about Robert Pattinson’s casting. The young actor seems to be doing a fine job here, though it’s understandable if you hold judgement until the film’s release. Obviously Cronenberg saw something in the TWILIGHT star that he wanted to experiment with, let’s hope he gets a career-changing performance out of him.
-Very Aware

The full length trailer for the film has been released and it looks to be Cronenberg’s craziest in years! A typically wacky art house release awaits the Crosiette and a refreshingly non-Twilight showcase for star Robert Pattinson.
-What Culture

Now the full trailer for Cosmopolis is available, and it expands on that teaser very nicely. We get a lot more of the story, including a good introduction to Pattinson’s character’s wife and possible voice of conscience (played by Sarah Gadon) as well as a motley crew of personalities including Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, Mathieu Almaric, and Jay Baruchel.

The tone looks even more old-school Cronenberg than what we saw in the teaser — his affinity for a very particular dialogue cadence and isolated shot staging is very much on display. This one looks entertaining as hell, frankly.
-Slash Film

If the promising trailer for "Cosmopolis" is anything to go by, Cronenberg is back in "Videdrome" and "Crash" mode. What that means? Kinky sex, brutal violence and a brand of weirdness only Cronenberg can conjure up.


Iluvthemovies said...

Independent Spirit Award nomination, saying it now. Power, money, sex, a lethal combination that Robert embodies in this performance of a 2 minute clip. Intoxicatingly addictive.

twilightnan said...

AMEN to that @Iluvthemovies!!!!totally addictive..I have lost count on how many times I have viewed this COSMOPOLIS trailer...Rob looks Awesome!!

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