Monday, April 2, 2012

David Cronenberg talks about Rob with 'Interview Magazine'

KNIGHTLEY: I think you could function anywhere. But I think when you get to the big ones, it becomes much more difficult to make it such a personal experience. I enjoy making films like A Dangerous Method more because you get so close with the people you're working with. You rely on everybody on a very personal level, as a team. Bigger films are more difficult because the number of people is so huge. But the thing about working with you is that there's always a definitive answer—they're very much your films and you make the decisions. I find it quite difficult on studio films because there are so many different executives and things like that that you have to go through, so very often getting that definitive opinion is actually quite difficult. I always find it much easier when there's one person whose vision you're following, as opposed to many people.

CRONENBERG: Well, a benign dictatorship, I think, is what it's supposed to be on a film set. But Rob Pattinson, who stars in the film I just shot, Cosmopolis, was commenting on that, too. He was saying that because he's done these Twilight movies, he was sort of astonished that I could just make a decision right there on the set and that was it. But for me, that's business as usual, of course.

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