Monday, April 23, 2012

New Fan Pictures of Rob at Coachella

More pictures from Coachella here

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ETA: The picture below is from Saturday night (Rob's in the back) - posted 2 days ago. The fan pictures above are probably from Sunday (thanks everyone for pointing it out that the fan is wearing a different top)

Alex and I had so much fun here at Coachella! We love Radiohead!

Source via @500DaysofRK | Source via @RobstenLatino


Vero said...

Oh my goddd, Rob and Alex!! Lucky girl!!!!!

andrea said...

Lucky. I'm sure if I had next to me or I faint or I turn red as tomato ajaja. I can only dream and I'm so far is that I'm content to look at these beautiful photos! :(

andrea said...

Rob, with his eyes red like a real vampire. ajaja. It has to be very nice face. :)

andrea said...

Rob good shirt!! :) jejeje