Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rob and Kristen on the cover of EW - New E/B Still

Screencaps from Entertainment Tonight. Edward and Bella on the cover of the new EW

Great quality video (Just the BD part) thanks to RobstenLust

Screencaps (the difference is the light above Edward's head)

Full ET clip (source)


Iluvthemovies said...

Definitely not a flattering pic of Rob. He looks like he is scared and Kristen seems like she is posing seductively. What happened, EW did not have a more flattering picture of the duo? I can't believe there was not a better pose that could have been used. They are a gorgeous couple, epic fail on EW's part.

twmmy said...

ITA @Iluvthemovies. And again I hve a baaaad feeling about this. Edward will be again the whinny and Bella the stron, independet woman. So again the sufragette line - and I didn't like it in the end of Eclipse, and won't like it again. In the books Bella was in love, Edward was in love and they were strong with each other. I could picture Edward's face in scare only durong the pregnancy, not in the honeymoon. Huh, what apicture....

twmmy said...

strong, independent wow, my keyboard

Lynn said...
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twmmy said...

naile, the truth is truth. Beeing a fan doesn't mean not to see the wrong things. I love the character Edward very much, and I like Robert Pattinson as an actor. And both of them have flaws. And the fimmakers made way too much mistakes with the saga. Anyway Rob's other films made me his fan, not the saga.

valéria said...

I agree with twimmy, EW really want Edward to look like an idiot ? why he seems terrified during the honeymoon? it makes no sens....Edward / Rob has always been my only interest in this saga, I'm a fan of Rob and I would follow him until the end of the world, but that does not make me a fanatic without objectivity ... this picture is simply a major fail! Rob is an incredibly beautiful and sexy man, and they lay something like that, pffff ....:/

Iluvthemovies said...

ITA with you Twmmy, first of all I did not say anything negative about Rob but the pose. The honeymoon is a special very loving, nervous, and intimate thing between these two. I would have loved to of seen Edward looking at Bella with longing or loving in his eyes not a scared expression. I am so tired of people who if you express any little thing or are a bit critical of Rob or Edward you are not a fan. If I was not a fan I would not be on this site, I would not waste my time. If you think the picture is great, good for you, I support your right to like it. However, people see things differently and it does not mean we are being critical and even if we were it does not mean we do not like Rob. Sorry for the soapbox, but I wish people would grow up. Sorry for the drama Linda and Mandy, I don't mean to cause any drama. I just wish people would comment on the photo or vid and even if you disagree with someone, unless they are pure mean spirited, just express your views or agree with someone else. Can't we just all get along. @naile, yes we are all critics, just not professional, and I am also a fan. I did not fly all the way to NYC from L.A. to stand in a line for 14 hours for a wristband in pouring cold rain to get to see Rob in person for the WFE premiere if I was not a fan. Enough said, I apologize if I was too harsh, it may be the hormones or lack of sleep.

JA said...

yeah, everyone has their own opinions and points of view. it's what makes us individuals. he's like art...we all see something different. my first thought when i saw the cover...he looks SO HOT! and that this is so much better than their last cover where edwards had jaw removal surgery.

Lynn said...
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♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

the apology wasn't 4 u @naile it was 4 the site and the rest of the ppl here

i think u have as much right as everybody to leave a comment on what u think about a post
don't judge, we won't
hope ur comments regarding Rob were posted more often, just saying ;)

love to my FAVS

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