Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011 Teen Choice Awards Master Post

Rob won

Choice Actor Movie Drama (Water for Elephants) | Choice Vampire


HQ & MQ pictures thanks to Pattinsonlife





HD Videos - Choice Vampire (at 0:25) - Support Cancer Bites here

Choice Movie Actor (at 0:15)

Choice Vampire - Support Cancer Bites here

Choice Movie Drama




For those interested, full list of winners here

Sources: Twitpics: 1
Screencaps: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Anonymous said...

awesome robert won chioce vampire i'm happy for him!.

Rosy Aidee said...

really only want stay here.. enjoying received the awards and go out from that site... but we have some pictures from him and he give us the pleasure from this beauty words when he recived the award from the best vampire

twilightnan said...

OMG!! welldone ROB for winning the Best Actor for WFE!!you look so adorable and gorgeous HOTTEST Man!!and Best should have won the best actor for Eclipse as well..Oh, well this is TEEN CHOICE so never mind...I love his breezed in.. accept the awards and then .. Breezed out..that's the way to do GO GO GO off to London to reunite with your Ladylove K..Hi to the favs..Thanks for this coverage pics and videos RPL!

JA said...

that's ok that rob didn't win everything. we have our sights set on bigger and better awards. He looked gorgeous and i'm just praying for sex hair in November!

Iluvthemovies said...

I thought this was one of Rob's better award nights, it would have been better if Kristen was at his side, well you can't have everything. He looked good, short and sweet acceptance speeches and I love the photos with Rob, Rupert, and Tom. I really adored Rob as Cedric, it is nice that he is part of the most successful franchises in history. I am also thrilled he won for Water for Elephants instead of Eclipse. He was very adorable last night.

PixieFairy said...

I´ve to day that his hair cut is growing on me;)
Looking good Rob;)

PixieFairy said...

I´ve to say and not to day! UPSS

twilightnan said...

@justme@31..slight typo big deal lol!!..Ita..I feel the same about the seems to grow at alarming rate haha..def will be sexy hair in November!..Hi to @Iluvthemovies ,@JA,Yaelfica,Twilola..missing you guys:)

PixieFairy said...

@ Twilightnan, Lol. Is growing and it´s growing good;)
By November the sexy hair is going to be at it´s highest awesomness!
And now I hope his next stop will be London;)
Love that city so much;)

twmmy said...

Wow, he won the drama actor award again! Yep!!! And for me of course the best vampire too, even if he didn't like that. Haha,I'm looking forward the next tca's what will they do without Twi and Hp fans? Maybe they can close the award...Without Rob it means nothing for me.