Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Motherload of HD 'Water for Elephants' Blu-Ray Extras Screencaps

These are HD Screencaps from the 'Water for Elephants' Blu-ray extras. I only picked my favorites and ended up with 260 screencaps! Check the source for a lot more!

Robert Pattinson Spotlight

Raising the Tent

The Menagerie

Secrets of the Big Top

The Star Attraction

The Travelling Show - From the Page to the Screen

Working Without a Net - The Visual Effect of Water for Elephants

Thanks to Robstenation for the link :)


Iluvthemovies said...

Thanks Mandy for providing the screencaps and to Robstenation for providing the link. I know I am a sick cougar, but why am I so intrigued by Rob's feet. It could correlate with his fingers, but I think I am either pervy or demented, you can choose. Hi to the Favs.

Unknown said...

Is there a fair bit of Christoph Waltz in the extras? I'm excited to see him.

Anonymous said...

Ah God he is so amazing
Thanks a lot for all that capture
Could you please make a zip dawnload?

twilightnan said...

Hello to the Favs!!OMG thank you RPL..These are gorgeous BTS of Rob in WFE!!I'll be getting my WFE dvd soon..hubby told me he ordered it two weeks ago!!..Dear God I love him to bits...and ..ROB of course LOL!!

twilightnan said...

Omg!!I have never wanted to be a giraffe until now lol!!just so that I can licked his hand,and other parts of his! ..this drought is making me crazy...I know we have to be patient..missing him a lot:..and his lady love ..Kristen..very much!(..Hugs to the favs:)

meleny said...

Thanks for the pics RPL! He's awesome, I love his smile sooo much!