Friday, August 5, 2011

More new fan pictures from Comic-Con and cute fan account

Added a few more fan pictures - bottom of the post

Lisa had the chance to meet Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Bill Condon at Comic-Con. Here is her fan account and some pictures :)

By now, we could get a glimpse inside the room, and you could feel the excitement ripple through the line. It was indeed the big three, along with the director. Once you entered the room, the line ran along the left, and they were spread out and seated behind tables to the right. The line curved around so that you received autographs in this order: Taylor, Rob, Kristen, Bill Condon.

To say it was surreal is an understatement. All you could do was stare while you waited in line. They were right there. He was right there. Right. There. Finally it was my turn.

I wished Taylor (his teeth are SO white and he’s super confident) good luck with his upcoming movie, Abduction. I may have said a little a little more than that, but I had my eye on the prize.

Rob: Hi. How are you?

Me: Trying not to pass out. (I know. Not cool. He smiled.)

Rob: Well don’t do that.

Me: (deep breath) So…the hair…Cosmopolis reshoots?

Rob: (his bent fingers went to the long side of his hair; my breath hitched) No. I don’t think there are going to be any reshoots, actually (a little bit of surprise in his voice).

Me: (smiling) So you just like it then.

Rob: (laughs and rocks back in his chair) Yeah!

Me: I really enjoyed Water for Elephants and made it to the premiere in New York City.

Rob: Cool. Thank you so much.

Me: I’m really looking forward to watching your career unfold and hope it includes some music in the future.

Rob: Maybe. (My heart took that as a yes.) Thanks for your support.

Kristen was shy, but I couldn’t help but tell her how pretty she was in person and that that I didn’t want that to sound cliché or to be taken the wrong way. I told her how much I enjoyed her work and thanked her for embracing Bella the way that she has. She said, “Oh, thank you SO much.” Then I said I was looking forward to seeing the panel for SWATH on Saturday and wished her well with working on that upcoming project.

I told Bill Condon that we were all looking forward to seeing his interpretation of Breaking Dawn from book to screen. He said he was excited to show it to us. Then I said, “Please tell Jack that we are loving his tweets and to keep them coming.” He really looked at me then and grinned ear to ear and said, “I will! He’ll like hearing that.” (Jack Morrissey is Bill Condon’s life partner and just started tweeting things of interest from the BD filming experience. You can follow him on twitter: @Jack_Morrissey.)

A few more fan pictures

Read her complete fan account and see more pictures at Pattinson Post


twilightnan said...

Lisa..Thank yoy so much for sharing your wonderful fan Experience..OMG!!Awesome lol!!..You're so ,so, lucky..meeting Rob the way you'd described,wow!..I'm so jealous..that was a dream fan encounter with ROB and Kristen..I would have passed out lol!..thanks again for posting your great experience:)..hi to the favs:)..and to the other regulars on RPL site and to all Rob's fans around the world!!..Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn 1..I can't wait!!

JA said...

great story. i hope to one day be as composed in front of rob!

meleny said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing! That was awesome!