Thursday, February 17, 2011

New/Old picture of Rob with a fan on the set of BD

ETA: A little less yellow/orange - thanks to Linda at Pattinsonlife

Fan Encounter

It was nice meeting and working with you on “Twilight-Breaking Dawn” in Baton Rouge, La…Good luck with future film work. : ) I work on the show in the paint dept. I painted the sets.

He is awesome!! Sooo easy to talk to...I have an Cochlear ear implant and was explaining the operation and he was so concern. I told him to protect his hearing! he was amaze about the facts of hearing loss....I saw him again during the wrap party. I met kristen too. She is tiny and very shy..with a potty mouth..LOL!!

Both of them are really cool people..both chain smoke lie there's no tomorrow, but care for the cast and the crew. I will work around them both again...and Micheal Aills is Robert's stand in..omg..he looks alike like Robert enought to be his twin!Ive met and talk with him twice. I saw him almost everyday when we were both working..It''s (scruff) wasnt an issue when we did talk, it's for the show peroid..

He's glad that the final Twilight is over, now he want to move to others roles.
It was taking at the Kick off party in Baton Rouge in Oct (before halloween)............[she explains the "show peroid"] That means final..Robert wear contact only during filming ..peroid. (none other times)

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh Rob, so beautiful! *sigh*

I love when his beard is in that exact measurement. Hahaha

Calihi27 said...

Oh good Lord, it is SO good to see him! He's lookin mighty fine. <3

Anonymous said...

and Thanks to ROBERT PATTINSON ITALY for had searched this pic!

JLC said...

Fun to read a crew members account of working with Rob. Not surprised he showed concern about her cochlear implant. Had to laugh about Kristen having a potty mouth. I bet they are all ready to move on from the Twilight movies. I wonder if Rob will have his representation add a "no contact lens" clause to his future contracts??

Anonymous said...

can anyone explain me what POTTY MOUTH means? please :)

simplystunned said...

Potty mouth means swears a lot.

Anonymous said...

oh thank u=)