Monday, February 21, 2011

Pictures of Rob arriving in Vancouver today

Video at the bottom of the post

12 More NEW HQ/Untagged Pictures - thanks to Setje at Pattinsonlife

HQ/Untagged - thanks to Setje at Pattinsonlife

Another new picture - source (there's also an article at the source - Rob and Kristen arriving in Vancouver)

HQ/tagged - source

Video - source


Anonymous said...

I hate that he can't arrive in Vancouver without being papp'd. I hate that Vancouver is no longer a cool Canadian city because of that. Stupid pappz.

Nicole said...

Love him

Love the way he let Kristen go first so that he got the heat of the paps taking his picture so that his girl could get in her car and not be harrassed by the paps. He is such the perfect boyfriend.

But hate that they had to go in the airport when a custom agent was suppose to be at the plane to check everything and Rob and Kristen could have left from the plane and the paps wouldn't have even known they left.

Iluvthemovies said...

This is not against any of the Rob sites, but personally I am so over the airport pics. We see them not at their best and hate to see them so harassed by the papz. I know others luv them and they have the right to luv them. I know there has been a drought w/o Rob and Kristen. For me personally I just want to see their movies and when they do promos and premieres for their movies or other movies. That is usually when they are at there best and for me I enjoy seeing them in their element instead of flashing lights greeting them at airports. RPL always on top of these sorts of things so bravo to you for getting them up in record time. Hi to my Favs.

Jenny said...

It makes me sad to see these videos. That he has to put up with being stalked and causing a spectacle. He seems like he would hate that kind of attention and I feel bad that this is his life right now.

JA said...

video is always more disturbing...but i didn't hesitate to hit the "play" button. and it gives context to dean pulling at his jacket :)

JLC said...

I agree the paparazzi are a drag and one of the BIG negatives of being in the public eye. It is a catch 22 for his fans - we want to see pics of him and hate to see him being harassed. That said, I am always impressed with how well Rob handles himself and deals with all the craziness.

Gisel said...

Lindooooooo :D