Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Robert Pattinson On The BAFTA 2011 Promo Poster

They used pictures from last year's BAFTA. It doesnt mean Rob will present this year.

@BAFTA tweeted:
The presenters aren't announced until they're on stage! Keep an eye on

It would appear that not only is Robert Pattinson being used to promote the British Academy Film Awards in their promotional video but his popularity is also being put to use on their promotional posters

PattinsonUK via TOR
Better quality poster thanks to @BAFTA


twilightnan said...

Hi there to all the favs and all the regulars on RPL site and all Robert Pattinson fans ...out of topic: just to let everyone know that I'll be away on holiday for nearly a month to somewhere will be a very long haul flight from the UK..I shall miss you all and all things ROB..thanks to Linda and Mandy for all the hard work /dedications to keep this awesome blog site going hugs to all and all the know who you are;)..goodbye from England!!Hope Rob attends the Bafta with Kristen!,,that would be Awesome!!!

JA said...

have fun twilightnan...hope you're able to stay connected while you're gone. maybe he's going to attend?? that's some major false advertising if not!

Nicole said...

I just hate how your "holiday" is month long :). Have a great time on your exotic trip! I'm having a baby in one month..... Ahhhhhhh. So when you get back I will be a mom of 2. I hope to still squeeze in my RPL time at least once a day :).

Have a great time!

twmmy said...

Have a happy winter-holiday twilightnan.. Look after open-internet clubs to feed your Rob-hungry.