Friday, February 11, 2011

Paul Darnell, Rob's stunt double, talks about working with him in RM, WFE and the Twilight Saga movies

RobPattzNews got an exclusive interview with Paul Darnell, Rob's stunt double. Here what he said about working with Rob in the Twilight Saga movies, Remember Me and Water for Elephants. Really good read :)

You can read Paul's full interview at the source

How did you react when Robert Pattinson thanked you for his Twilight “Best Fight” MTV Movie Award? Can you share your experience in filming that scene?

First let me say that Robert Pattinson is an amazingly humble person and a very hard worker. He works very hard and shows up to every rehearsal. The last battle scene in Twilight was very intense. Many of the stunts involved hard hits with wires and crashes which are so much fun to do! Without risking personal injury to Rob, I ended up doing the majority of stunts in the final battle which won the award.

I was at a friend's house and I started getting text messages and phone calls from friends saying "I think Rob Pattinson just thanked you on national TV". I was really stoked and also a little confused by the "I think" part. Immediately I went online and found a video of Rob's speech where he gave me credit for the award but said the wrong last name. To his credit, someone had misspelled my name on a photo shoot for LA Magazine and my wrong last name was plastered all over the internet. None the less, I was so stoked that he would even think of me for a shot out. Actors rarely do that for stuntmen. Rob is a very considerate individual and true gentleman. When I saw him on the set of Remember Me he immediately apologized for the mishap.

How has the experience of being Robert Pattinson’s stunt double varied from Twilight to Remember Me to Water for Elephants for you?

It has been amazing to see Rob's fame grow and grow. His fan base is grown so much since the first Twilight and I am very happy for him. He also continues to stay the same humble guy each time I see him.

Can you share any of the experience of last summer’s filming of Water for Elephants?

A terrific book turned into an even greater film with 3 outstanding actors. The three, Reese, Rob and Christoph, worked together amazingly. Rob also did an amazing job learning and performing the fights and working with the animals. Rob has a scene feeding tigers, REAL tigers, that could eat you if they wanted. Rob played it cool and had no problems working with them at all. Probably better than I could.

What are you currently working on?

I'm lucky enough to be working again with Rob on Breaking Dawn which has even more action than any of the other Twilights. Can't say much other than it is going to be an amazing film!

And a new picture of Rob on the WFE set in GA - Photo by Cheryl Hagan

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