Saturday, February 5, 2011

NEW 'Water for Elephants' poster!

ETA: Added the first poster in HQ, 2nd poster and the latest one (Reese and Tai)


The 1st (HQ) and 2nd poster

ETA: The latest poster, Marlena and Rosie! Need in HQ now!

HQ thanks to pattinsonlife

Reese/Tai poster: Source | Via


Anonymous said...

I literally just chocked on my apple. "we die?" YES.

WickedBrownEyes said...

Wow. I like this one a lot more! Does any one notice Marlena's picture on the Benzini Bros. poster behind Rob's Jacob? The details in this movie will keep me going back for more viewings to take everything in. First viewing, I won't be able to see anyhing but Rob. lol

ginny b said...

Have been waiting for this movie 4ever!!

KVSalvatore said...

100% sure the new one is my fav! <3 *sigh oh rob! ^^

Jane said...

Wow, every inch the movie star.