Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rob in Numero Magazine (France) - New Picture

ETA: Added the translation of Rob's quotes from the interview - under the scans

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Most of Rob's quotes in the interview are actually from an interview published in Les Inrockuptibles (click on the link to read it) last year, but worded differently. There are just a couple quotes that aren't in that interview and here is the translation:
His cap on backwards, bags under his eyes, feet on the table during half of the interview, Robert Pattinson seems like a pretty cool rock star that escaped from the grunge era. And he's actually a musician, but that's something he only does in private: "I play music all the time, I take my guitar everywhere. I feel like I should be making an album sometimes, but I feel like it would be useless. I don't need validation from anyone. I have enough opinions about my work when it comes to the cinema *laughs* And I don't feel the need to sell my music."


Since he was a kid, the list of actors he admires grew a lot. When we asked him which comedian could be considered his major inspiration, he doesn't hesitate one second on his identity. "My favorite actor is Jack Nicholson. I always loved what he did, the way he managed to differenciate his public image and the one he has in the movies. Such an incredible manipulation. When you look at his filmography up close, Nicholson did back to back 7 incredible movies, that weren't obvious choices, and at a crucial point. He played in 7 of my favorite movies, one after the other. I think it started with "Easy Rider" in 1969, and then there were, among others, "Five Easy Pieces", "Chinatown", "Profession: Reporter", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", ... It's crazy right? If I really had one aim in my career, it wouldn't necessarily to win an Oscar but to reach that kind of consistency in my work. The Oscars are still mainstream and I don't think I'm made for that. Coming from me, that comment can seem ridiculous but I'm trying to take a different road. Among contemporary actors, I admire Joaquin Phoenix: it's so difficult to carry out a carreer without making any compromise.



verena said...

Awesome! Thx!

Fannush said...

. i love him. he 's so ahhw! i died. :D

tori said...

Really love his quotes here and his hope for consistency in work/film/ultimate prestige. We're hoping, he's got it in him imo.

stratocaster said...

and here I've always said that I would make myself live long enough to see Rob hold his Oscar over his head and he's not too keen on getting one? LOL
gotta love Rob tho ... he is nothing if not unpredictable ;}