Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rob in Cosmopolitan Singapore

Nothing new, some of the same questions from the generic interview published in many magazines, but this time these are not translated - his original quotes.

Contrats on being the new Dior Homme ambassador! How do you feel?
I was coming to the end of Twilight when Dior approached me, and I was really shocked at first because the name alone sounded almost legendary. I remember meeting the creative team, and their interest in an artistic collaboration convinced me.

Are you easily convinced?
Easily! No. Ha ha! I wouldn't have considered this real acting when I first started my career. But I've done some movies, and grown in many ways. When we sat down to discuss the concept, everybody seemed quite fearless. I thought it could be similar to doing a short movie and became really excited. It was challenging, and an interesting way to complement my film works.

What's your most unforgettable scent?
My dad's from Yorkshire, where the moors have miles of heather, and we used to go there every Christmas. I'll always remember the smell - it's incredible.

And what's your favorite scent?
I like the smell of people. Ha ha! It's really odd but, to me, you can often tell a person's nature from the scent he or she uses. I think we hang out with people because subconsciously we like how good they smell. Or is it just me?!

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twilightnan said...

Happy Saturday everyone...another gorgeous spread /article of Rob for Dior!...this has been an amazing classy campaign...and the Dior Rob video (director's cut) last I watched on you tube there were over 12 million views!!

nimet said...

Hi twilightnan long time no see. Funny thing is I haven't even seen the commertial yet. Not fair :(((

twilightnan said...

Oh my goodness! hello nimet:)'s been a long time..but I'm still here ,I lurk everyday to catch up on new pics and news about Rob!! can watch Rob's Dior commercial on You Tube ...choose the Dior Director's cut I think this is better than the official version IMO!...hope your hubby is well..hi to all the rplifers:-)