Friday, October 18, 2013

New/Old #DiorRob Pictures From a Dior Poster

We posted a smaller version of this poster a while ago, but you couldn't really see the pictures in it because they were extremely LQ. Here's a HQ version of the poster and crops of all new/old pictures (they're not the best quality because even though the poster is HQ the crops are small).

Dior Poster

New/Old Pictures - Cropped

No Rob in these

Source | Thanks so much to Laura for the heads up :)


Unknown said...

I got this poster when I purchased Dior Homme EdT at my local perfumery - Great gift :-)

twmmy said...

We didn't get gifts... :(
But űi have a 10ml bottle Dior Homme :)

Eliz said...

More Dior Rob is always nice to see.

Amy said...

New Twitter background!
Love that we are still getting pictures