Thursday, October 24, 2013

New HQ/Untagged Pictures of Rob in LA - Oct 23


Unknown said...

Nothing like a Rob profile. The best I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

yes his profile is perfection. and his long legs.

Eliz said...

Take out Rob, glad to see he's out living his life and if the papz find him, he just ignores them. Rob wins!

Robsfan said...

Exactly right, he lives and simply ignored the paparazzi. Exactly, Robert! Well, you does that ... <3

Unknown said...

Amoooo <3

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rob looks really good. It is nice to see him out, living his life.

Unknown said...

that ass, rob!

Unknown said...

Kristen wore this sweater once.. :') i hope to see them together again!

Unknown said...

yeah, because Addidas only made one of those sweaters....a one-size-fits-all item no less.'s not even the same. Kristen's was a zip-up, Rob's is a pull-over.

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean but it's comments like these that causes people to make fun of us, thinking we're
a bunch of delusional fans not being able to let go.

Tracy said...

Does anyone know where these photographs were taken? I heard that Robert was leaving the 'Margarita Mix Hollywood' recording studio, there are three location, one in Santa Monica, one in Hollywood, and one in Los Angeles...
These are the services that they offer...
3D Mixing
5.1/6.1 Mix Rooms
Complete Sound Effects Design & Editorial for all Media Types
Video Games: Recording, Trailer Mixes
DVD Bonus Features: Commentary, Special Features, Final Delivery
Theatrical: Feature Films, Trailers & TV Promos
Commercials: TV, Radio & Web Interactive (Museums & Conventions)
Sound Design/SFX/Editorial
Sound Effects Design for Long Format Projects/Animation/Reality
Video Game: Editorial & Asset Management, Sound Supervision
Voice-Over Recording: Commercials, Theatrical, Web, Animation
& Video Games
DVD Commentary: TV, Documentaries & Feature Films
ADR & Walla Groups: TV, Video Games & Feature Films
ISDN Remotes, Phone Patch, SKYPE & Source Connect
Additional Audio Services
Pitch Correction
Dolby-E / Pro Logic, Pro Logic II Encoding & Decoding
Dolby AC-3 Decoding
Broadcast & TASA-level Consistency
Picture/VFX : via SPY: LA
Creative Direction
VFX Script Breakdown/Consulting/Set Supervision
Concept, Design & Animation Pre-Vis
Compositing (Nuke/After Effects)
CG Modeling/Animation/Matte Painting
VFX Editorial
Color Grading/Online Finishing
Avid/Final Cut Room Rentals for Creative Offline Editorial