Sunday, January 13, 2013

The 70th Annual Golden Globes Awards

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Award Show



Red Carpet


Picture of Rob arriving at the Golden Globes

Rob in the background



Red Carpet

Award Show

From The LA Times
Robert Pattinson likes the Golden Globes and came to present voluntarily opposite Amanda Seyfried for adapted screenplay -- a rather surprising admittance from the press-shy Pattinson.

The 26-year-old actor is thrilled to not have to talk about vampires ever again, though he said all his questions on the red carpet were bloodsucker-related.

Pattinson is clearly here just to celebrate and is rooting for Joaquin Phoenix, though he's never met the actor. "The Master" was his favorite movie of the year.

Eddie Redmayne, a fellow Brit, saunters over to the table. "We're at the same table," he sings to Pattinson, clearly excited to be seeing his old friend. Redmayne is also in a celebratory mood, thrilled he has nothing to do Monday and happy to hang with old friends.

"Let's go find the bar, now," he says to Pattinson, and the two head for a quick drink before the festivities begin.


The stars, meanwhile, were caught upstairs by the bar. Eddie Redmayne of “Les Miserables” palled around with Robert Pattinson (NYT)
@JustJared: Robert Pattinson & Eddie Redmayne spotted catching up at bar 5 min before @GoldenGlobes ceremony started
@nepalesruben: Robert Pattinson and Amanda Seyfried talk in the wings after presenting awards.
Commercial Breaks aka Celebrity Fast Chats: We spotted Robert Pattinson talking with Sienna Miller E Online


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twilightnan said...

Thanks RPL..Excited to see Rob on the red carpet but I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see him UK time..I'm sure he is going to look fabulous !!!..Hi to the Favs:-)

No name said...

I can't wait to see my little sweety walking down the red carpet in his tux. Omg....hearts will be in pieces tonight...good luck.

No name said...

Hey you haven't seen you over on Robsessed for a while?

twilightnan said...

Hi,@No name...I still do lurk on Robsessed daily but I only comment here on RPL now which I considered my (home) since Autumn 2009 when Rob and Twilight turned my life upside down lol!

zsófee said...

He is super hot !

Delle1 said...

Hi Annie,miss you xxx Kiri

twilightnan said...

Just seen Rob and his manager Nic on the red carpet streams..I have to endure 1 and half hour of live coverage before I see The Pretty:-)..his hair is cut a bit shorter but he still looks I can go to's gone 12:38 midnight UK time..thanks RPL..goodnight all especially the Favs!..Goodluck Rob with the presentation!!!...*Waves and big Hug* to Kiri...ditto:-)

Ptzanane said...

Rob como sempre arrasa lindo demais e talentoso amo esse cara.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

Jesus....that is one hot dude...!!! ;D

No name said...

I see you all the time, it's Robsfantastic. Totally understand. This was my very first home also when I first started loving hiim. I always come back!

No name said...

Could this guys be any more gorgeous!! He was so eloquent, well spoken, beautiful and so grown up. Well done my sweet Rob!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Bravo rob! u never disapoint! shame on u kristen stop hiding u r making a fool out of yourself and rob for forgiving you, he gave u a second chance i was all for forgiving but cut the crap out now u have been together for 4 years be proud hold your head high. Im giving up on u! there is a reason he has alot of work and u do not! last night u should of stood by your man!

Unknown said...

just read kristen showed up at 1am after party in her baseball cap tee shirt and jeans. u did show up for your man late but u did go, however u are always dressed like this at afterparties with rob decked out throw away the see thru white tee with your black bra showing thru and wash your hair and leave the cap at home. i promise it would not hurt to try to look a little hot u can still be comfortable. u probley embarass rob but he to sweet to tell u!

Evelyne-raconte said...

Only one word : PERFECT !

alwiega said...

You guys are the best! Thanks always!

alwiega said...

You guys are the best! Thanks always!

3lightgirls said...

@janetlee hughes : i don't believe k there without pic. media just want attention.

Eliz said...

Rob looked very handsome in his Gucci suit and did a great job presenting. I do get a little irritated @ the LA Times they always try to make it sound like Rob is dissing Twilight.

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