Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Edward and Bella Honeymoon Scene from the 'BreakingDawn - Part 1' Extended Edition

ETA: Added the video of the full scene in HD. On youtube or watch at the source. Thanks @kstewartfans

Edward and Bella deleted honeymoon scene that will be in the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' Extended Edition (click here for trailer and details of the DVD).

Youtube or watch at the source

Youtube thanks to @mfoc


Eliz said...

Can't wait to see the new honeymoon scene!

twilightnan said...

I was sighing big time lol!!!!This scene was sexy.. sweet..and Robward & Krisbella!<3..I can't wait!...will definitely buy this...that scene alone is worth it:-D!!IMO...God knows how many times I'm going to watch this again!!

Nikki Gommers said...

Sweetie, I haven't spoken to you for ages! I thought: let's check out the comments' and then I saw you!
How are you bb? Do you remember me from the old days? Many of our 'old group' are reunited on Twitter. Did you know that?
I see you're still a big Rob and Kristen fan..? :D

Sorry if my enthusiastic comment is a little out of place. But I'm so happy to see her! I hope you'll read this bb!!


TR said...

Hey there...

Twilightnan-remember me, too?

Our sweet Hollandgirl just lead us here to tell you how much we missed you after S. decision to give up on her blog!

Like HollandGirl already said: most of us joined forces on twitter-even me, the technical looser-LOL! So, if you like...come over!

Last but not least: I also have to apologize for this slightly out of place comment, but I´m just happy to find back an old fellow!

Just to say it out loud: this is one of my favorite blogs, too! Great work and definetly a place I visit on a daily and mostly more often base!!
Thank your for all your efforts to keep us uptodate!


twilightnan said...

OMG!!..yes,@TR..of course I remember you<333..this is so amazing and wonderful!..I don't do twitter it's great to know that you managed to re-grouped with Holland girl and Mel from Texas...this technically challenged retired grandma can only managed getting on this blogsite lol!..hope you read this..HUGS!! from Twilightnan<333

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