Friday, January 25, 2013

New Fan Pictures and Details of Rob's Night Out in Adelaide - Jan 25th

Added another new fan picture - 1st one on the post - and article with details

The Hollywood star, and part-time muso, has been spotted all over town this week and was among the thousands watching The Killers, Vampire Weekend and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the festival.

Wearing his trademark baseball cap, check shirt and dark jeans, the Twilight hunk happily posed for photos backstage with John Day and friends.

"He was very cool, very gracious and good humoured ... I asked him how he was enjoying Adelaide and he said he'd only been here a short time and hadn't seen much," John says.

Robert's new movie, The Rover, will be shot in various locations in SA's Flinders Ranges, but the actor admitted to not knowing much about the area.

"I asked him what he (Rob) thought of the Flinders Ranges and he wasn't sure what or where that was, so he had a bit of a laugh about that," John says.

Later in the evening, Robert kicked on to what is becoming his favourite Adelaide nightspot, the Grace Emily Hotel on Waymouth St, where he had a few drinks in the beer garden.

Earlier in the week, the actor - wearing shorts, a white shirt and a backpack - was seen riding a bike on his own through Adelaide.

Confidential understands Rob was scheduled to leave Adelaide this weekend to start shooting on The Rover, with production set to begin this week.
Source | Source | Thanks to @Alice_InTwiLand :)
Source | Thanks to Drawde_C :)
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BD from Germany said...

Have fun bb!

twilightnan said...

Oh, Goodness!..we are being spoiled with all these pics of's a wonderful treat for a Friday!I'm so happy to see him:)

Eliz said...

Glad to see Rob out having fun on his off time with friends.

Anonymous said...

FREEDOM! Dear Rob, I hope you asked her phone number 'cause she's caliente! I mean if I was her I would ask myself my phone numbe. So hot!I knew that "germs " t-shirt on that staged photo op really meant smthg ahahahhahhahahahha *evil laugh

twilightnan said...

It's wonderful to see Rob remains generous and accomodating to pose for a pic with a lucky fan:) Always a gentleman and without any doubts, he is a loyal and a dedicated man to those people that he loves no matter what:D

Delle1 said...

So right Nan but there's always someone ready to be a spoiler....Hope you're well....Kiri

Anonymous said...

Rob was nice enough to pose for a picture with her, and she thanks him by going on twitter and saying she thought he was stoned. Real classy!

twilightnan said...

Hi, Kiri OMG!!longtime..great to see you,I'm very well thank you:)..not been well but fine now,will be going on holiday away from all the snow soon to a tropical paradise I can't wait!!...maybe I can make a detour to Adelaide to see Rob;) hubby will probably locked me in a room and throw away the key lol!..hugs's lovely to read your comments:)

No one special said...

One of our national treasures. Great talent and a gentleman.

twilightnan said...

Hi,@ mayfair20...I hope this woman on this pic with Rob gets back what she deserves! ungracious can you be...I hope Rob continue to enjoy his working time and downtime in Australia ..I'm sure the decent and considerate fans will outnumbered the type of people like this woman on this pic w/Rob.

alida_v said...

he is too nice! looks like he shaved his head! :)

Joy said...

How cruel of that girl
Rob is so nice to take a picture with her

Joy said...

How cruel of that girl
Rob is so nice to take a picture with her

No name said...

Glad to see him having fun, smiling and enjoying himself!!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Twilightnan, hope you're feeling better. It is good to see Rob out & about, but I'm itching to get my hands on some pictures of him on set. I have a good feeling about this film.

twilightnan said...

Hi,there mayfair20 ,I'm feeling better thank you,and the snow is melting hope we don't get anymore...yes,it's lovely to see him out and about and maybe we are going to be lucky to see one or two pics of him on the set it would be interesting to get an idea of how his character would look like on this film..but I can wait..we'd been lucky so far,we thought there's going to be a drought but's not a downpour but it's raining Rob since he landed down under:D

Iluvthemovies said...

hi twilightnan, I am so happy that you are feeling better, I was concerned about you, but I am thrilled that you are feeling better so you will be healthy when you go on your vacation. I wonder what happened to the pics of Rob riding his bike. I loved those pics, he looks so cute and carefree. Anyway keep getting better.

Thank you RPL for the pics of Rob in Australia, it has been lovely to see him more carefree than I have seen in awhile, I am so happy for him.

twilightnan said...

Hi,Iluvthemovies...aww.. thanks for your concerns...yes, feeling better :) went on for quite a I'm looking forward to my family holiday..okay..what happened to pics of gorgeous Rob riding a bike? it's been taken down:(..OH, well, at least we still got other pics to sustain our thirst until the next lot of pics of Rob from Iluvthemovies says...Thank you RPL:)..Hi to the rest of the Favs!

Unknown said...

good to see him happy, away from all the things dragging him down

twilightnan said... the first part of your comment...and I'm totally with you on that:)...however,it will be more interesting if you can be more specific and list down the "things dragging him down" will probably enlightened Rob to make that decision to stay away from the things that are on your list so that he can remain as happy as can be:D

Unknown said...

Hope robsten will visit here in philippines,,,,

Anonymous said...


"good to see him happy, away from all the things dragging him down "

mee too,such as ~> psycho fans like you. Delusional.

There so cruel things happening aruound the world and people like you are still worried about his personal life. Pathetic. It's time to get a life. Imagine th day where his fans will see pics of him and just be HAPPY.

Unknown said...

How dare someone make a comment with no specific details on a public forum! How dare they!!!!!'
Perhaps you're reading into that person's comments a bit too much...seems like that would make you the psycho fan?
Don't throw it out if you can't catch it.

twilightnan said...

Good morning all on RPL:)..great new pics of Rob with the locals in Adelaide I'm looking forward to hopefully see a pic of him on location...BTW...I'm all for expressing your own opinions but calling someone you don't know a "psycho fan" is not respectful,..I must have hit a nerve...must have been on that list that is dragging Rob down:)

No one special said...

Sending you a (hi5) from one pyscho fan to another I guess ...

No one special said...

Top pic. guy pulling face made me chuckle.

twilightnan said...

Lol!!@ No one special...Sending you 2x(hi5)+Big(Hug) :D

Anonymous said...

"Don't throw it out if you can't catch it."

OHHH but I can!

And Why can't you just look at his pics and be HAPPY? PERIOD!

Unknown said...

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