Friday, January 18, 2013

Naomi Watts Talks 'Queen of the Desert' and Rob

Naomi Watts talked about Queen of the Desert and Rob with MTV and eOnline at the Sundance Film Featival

From MTV (Youtube or watch at the source

Robert talked briefly with MTV News last summer about the project, but what's the status now? We caught up with Naomi at the Sundance Film Festival (where she's promoting her film "Two Mothers") to find out.

"We'll wait and see," Naomi demurred when asked if filming would take place soon. "He's a director I'm completely in awe of. He's a wonderful filmmaker and documentarian. It's a fantastic character, great story. I'm not sure when it's going to take place yet; there's been so much travel, as well, and I've got little kids, so we'll see if it happens later this year or next year."

As to Robert's involvement: "I don't know if he definitely is yet," she said.

From eonline

Robert Pattinson and Naomi Watts will not be coming to theater near you anytime soon.

At least not together, that is. The two are signed to costar along with Jude Law in a Queen of the Desert, a period piece about British writer, traveler, archeologist and spy Gertrude Bell. "It's still a way's off," Watts told me last night at the Luminara and Mulberry Project dinner for her Sundance Film Festival movie, Two Mothers. "I don't know yet. Hopefully, it will happen. I just can't travel again right now because I did a lot of traveling last year. It's been a big year and it's time for me to be home with the kids."


Iluvthemovies said...

I hope he is still involved, this is so surprising to hear.

twilightnan said...

Yes, I'm surprised as well I understand Rob has a supporting role on this film but it was mentioned that his role was going to be you I hope Rob is still involved.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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