Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Cosmopolis US DVD/Blu Ray Release Day

It's January, 1st and there's another reason to celebrate today

It's the release day of the Cosmopolis US DVD and Blu Ray!

If you haven't order your copy yet, do it right now!

You can order it at Amazon: Blu Ray HERE and DVD HERE.

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More details about the DVD and Blu Ray were posted HERE


twilightnan said...

I got it as a christmas present so I have been watching it over and over again so many times lol!!...as we already know Rob's beautiful performance as Eric Packer in Cosmopolis was critically acclaimed by a lot of critics as "stellar"!...and included in this dvd is a special in-depth BTS surprises!!this is a must buy/own for any Robert Pattinson fan!

twmmy said...

I have my dvd from September and blu-ray from november... you are late :)

Unknown said...

Got it today!! Rob looks so hot on the cover!! Love it!

Unknown said...


This year already looks... posh... XD...

Gonna get it when the sun comes up! I've been sleeping the whole day... :P