Saturday, May 26, 2012

New pictures from Le Grand Journal

Thanks to Pattinsonlife

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khush said...

Wowww...he looks soo handsome..
Well Rob alwys does kill us with his looks all the time..loved in cannes.. :))
Hope he wins the Best Actor everthng crossed.. :))
Thanks mandy and RPlife..for all your hardwork during this promo and brng us all the goodies realy appriciate it.. :)
And for all the zips.. :))

Pleasee a request can you make Zip Files for all the pics post of cannes the premieres n photollcalls it will be huge helpp..pleasee..
there are sooo many pics..Zips will realyy be a boon..pleasee Zip files are always soo good pleasee...

thnks again for everythng.. :)