Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Pictures of Rob at the Cosmopolis Premiere in Portugal

More pictures - Source

Some great fan pictures - thanks to Maria for sending the link - Source

More Pictures (source)

More MQ Pictures - Source | Source

More Fanpics from the red carpet and inside the theater (source)

HQ - Source

Fan picture (source)

More MQs (source)

Fan picture (source)

More great large pictures (source)

More great large pictures (source)

More fan pictures (source)



PixieFairy said...

How beautiful he is....Gorgeous and talented man:)
I was fortunate to be there with my good friends @eclipsevemai,MJ and T.Abreu who I "forced" to go with me and be my own personal photographer! LOL
Just amazing!!!! An I had the luck to talk with Rob parent´s:)
Twirling all the way home!!!!

PixieFairy said...

And off course Maria had to be the first to have those and I´m glad she shared with all of you:)

katy said...

Damn, Rob are you real? He is sinfully gorgeous. :))

Iluvthemovies said...

justme@32 I am so happy for you, I am glad you had such a wonderful time. Thank you for providing the photos to RPL. Also thank you for the info at the premiere. If we could all go to Rob's premiere, it would be fabulous. Thanks again.

PixieFairy said...

Thank you ILuvthemovies:) It was an event to remember, for sure!
I didn´t get a pic with him but I get an autograph, my friend took some great shots of him and I actually talked to Rob´s parents:) So it was a pretty awesome day.
I don´t know how i´ve got the balls to do it (LOL) but after watching Cosmopolis I needed to say how outstanding Rob´s performance is. , and Claire Pattinson even say to me "Oh, but it´s a bit scary" and I agreed with her, I said Yes! At one point I jumped of the chair:P. I said again Congratulations and wished them a pleasant evening.
Our Rob is just brilliant, he is the movie, when you see it, you know how I mean:)
Espect a Cronenberg film, I mean it´s dark, twisted and an adult movie and Robert is...awesome in it!!!
Hugs for all of you @RPLife