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Fan Account, Pictures and Videos of Rob in Portugal (May 28-29)

Some of the pictures were posted on the premiere and May 28th post, but looks like a lot of them are in HQ here. I'm just gonna repost everything - they're all part of their fan account.

From @dizzy_ladybug, @3cheers4tyranny, @patsystew and their friends



May 28

May 29 - First Screening

Second Screening

There are more videos with Cronenberg, Don DeLillo, Rob's parents here

Pictures - No Rob

Fan Account


Airport watch for the Nice commercial flight by Ci, Monica, Carina and Bruna.

Paulo Branco, the producer of Cosmo, arrives at the main Lisbon airport without luggage, which seemed weird and he left alone.

A short time later Don DeLillo, his wife, and Paul Giamatti exited through the doors.

Ci approached Don DeLillo, who at first didn't really know what to expect, but after she showed her Cosmopolis book he complied with a small talk with her.

She talked to him about the last time he was in Lisbon, at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival and about his reading session at the Natural History Museum’s auditorium, saying she was a really big fan of your work.

This was actually how long it took for her to find one of the 20 black pens inside her bag. He then signed her book... Ci was disappointed he did not remember the cool Nancy Babich she had worn that time... :(

About Rob... we had found out around then throught twt that he had flew private with David Cronenberg which meant he was going through a diferent airport with very dificult access.

After that, back to Lisbon it was... Poor Monica had to go to work... Damn RL!!!

Then Ci and Carina saw Paulo Branco but Bruna and other fans had already seen Rob, Dean, Nick and DeLillo. They showed us pics right away and we may or may not have squealed.

Then Ci looks to her side when she saw MAMA AND PAPA PATTZ and approached them. Mama Pattz looked unconfortable at the beginning, and touched Papa Pattz shoulder for him to ignore me. But Ci spoke really shyly and quietly telling them “Hi! I’m sorry to bother you, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your son and how much I appreciate his work and I just want to thank you to bring such a wonderful person to the world. So thank you for giving birth to him”. Mama and Papa were smiling (omg) and said thank you. Then Ci said “I hope you enjoy your staying in Lisbon” and his father said “yes, we’re loving it”.

Then we saw Paul Giamatti, that gave us pics and autographs. (Ci repeated the talked about seeing him at Estoril and Lisbon Film Festival last November, about how much she liked The Ides of March, and that his masterclass was really great)

After that Cronenberg and his wife appeared, dressed just like any other tourist. They were super super super polite, talking to us about Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival, and his masterclass after A Dangerous Method and the presentation of that movie. His exact words to Ci were “Oh, you really must be a fan” and she DIED. She nodded and said “yes yes yes, I’m really a fan”. Fuck she was melting!!!

They were taking pics of everything, and his wife approached Ci for directions and she died again because she told them cool spots to visit, trams, Lisbon downtown.. everything the lady asked and even more :333 and she thanked Ci like she had done something huge!!! (omg)

After that, Giamatti and then DeLillo with his wife followed, stopping for pics and autographs.

A while after that NICK appears! He looks at us, smiles, and Ci said “Hiiiiiiiiiiii Niiiiiiiick!” xD he smiles again and says hi... Could Rob be appearing then?... no Nick left alone. He actually looks better in person than on the pics!

Paulo Branco reappeared a couple of minutes later and was nice, smiling and everything “You guys are persistent” “Yap, that we are”.

They were all relaxing and sightseeing except for Rob, who was probably resting from Cannes madness.

Carina changed posts with Patsy, when she arrived later, cause she had to go to her sisters bday dinner! Bruna also had to go pick up her bff! RL always in the middle of fangirling...

Then they all started slowly to return.

Giamatti returned, signed and took pictures with Patsy.

Cronenberg returned a few minutes later, more pics and authographs for Patsy. Patsy chocked on how down to Earth and friendly David Cronenberg is. I mean... the guy is a true artist.

Her convo to all of them was saying she was a fan of their work, if they enjoyed Portugal and the weather... Really lame!! LOL She had a freezing brain problem!

DeLillo came to the hotel too. They all came back and gave autographs, for those new there, signed and talked to us. Really sweet people.

Nick also came back and he couldn't keep his straight face! He cracks a smile just for us!

Them Dean made an appearance with a macbook in hand and came back 2 minutes later... We think they were checking us out...

Half an hour later or so, already with Carina, Bruna and her bff back from RL, Dean came out and addressed us. He asked if any of us spoke english, which we all did and told us Rob would not sign or take pics cause if they hit the net, the place would be traced and everybody would go there.

We directly promised Dean we wouldn't post anything until Rob left Portugal. He was super polite and didn't promised us anything, laughing when Ci addressed him by his name saying "see, you know my name". Ci wanted a pic with him and he said no... LOL and he blushed! Ahah so cute! Dean, you are part of our fandom... accept it!!!

Then PG, DDL and DC started getting ready to go to dinner and all went way.

There was a lady there that was part of the organization of the event and she asked us again not to reveal locations or pics if we got them. We again all agreed with her!

Then... and since waiting is our midle name, we got to wait a bit more... Some 10minutes later, we were all accounted for... Joana, the "sardine lady" had appeared, completely out of breath cause she came running there from work.

They asked us to stand up, line up and behave! And there we were, with our cameras in hand and mags or pics to sign...

So moments before Rob came out, Ci and Carina showed Patsy the pic they were gonna give Rob to sign and she DIED. It was the pic from inside the cosmo cannes screening, were he has his head on K's shoulders!

Ok, this is were it all gets a bit blurry cause...


Beautiful, but tired eyes, black hat, white/grey shirt, Black levis jacket and RED TROUSERS!!!!

He really looked tired and well all felt a bit remorseful at that moment...

The 1st thing we all noticed is he is not that tall as it seems and he has the most beautiful innocent blue/green eyes... Really... Of all the things, the eyes killed all of us!

He started signing for us...

Patsy gave him her Cosmo Expresso mag to sign, he said "Oh it's so cool!!!" cause on the same page she had all the autographs from PG, DDL, and DC... She said thanks and asked him if he was enjoying Portugal (yes very lame) and he said "i always love Portugal" (yes... lol). Then she asked for a pic and maybe she was handsy cause, as she was wrapping her left arm around Rob, Dean smacked her little hand... Creys!!!! LOL

Them Ci followed... At 1st when she gave him the RK pic to sign, he made a face as if he didn't understand what he was signing... And then... He gave a big cute smile and said "Awwwwww"... We seriously all died at that moment... The most cute thing we had ever seen!!!!

Then Joana gave him her "sardine" to sign. At 1st he also did not understand what he was signing and he laughed a lot...

Then Rob got in his car with Nick and Dean and we all noticed Mama and Papa Pattz had also came out and were near to their car as well. We also greeted them, they smiled at us and then they left.

Rob was very generous, when he was looking clearly tired, and we all think that it helped that no one was hysterical or asked crazy questions. He signed and took pics with all of us, 8 in the total.

The woman from the event was clearly pleased with our behavior, thanked us and asked us again not to post anything.

Then we all went to CCB to check the settings there and went to have junk food on a near park cause we didn't feel safe being in a restaurant indoors... At that time there was definitely some sqeeing happening.


This day we were joined by Vera, Nadine and Monica again. The 1st girls to arrive went there at 9am.

All the rest of us arrived during the day.

We heard the pap pics had came out already, which was not supposed to have happened, and so Paty helped us via phone to give some explanations on what had happen and she also sent us the MamaStew/Rob pic!!!!!! We died!!!

Patsy arrived at that time (4pm), but she still complained to have waited too long... LOL

Although the wait, we had fun sharing experiences and lurking twt! We saw the interview Kristen stuff and we died again...

Then some 15 year old standing next to us started to talk badly about Kristen... Patsy and Joana, the nearest to her, started to fume and "cryptically" making treats that we would kick her ass!!! No one talks badly about bb girl around us!!!!

The RC was getting packed and the portuguese VIP's (lol) started to walk on it... And do just everybody knows, our own VIP girl Bruna was supposed to have walked that Red Carpet in her shorts and black Chucks but she preferred to fangirl and wait for Robs entrance in the RC!!! And then after Rob no one was allowed to walk in it... LOL

And then the screams and the madness... We were at the the end, near the place were he posed for the photographers with the cosmo poster. There was a lot of pushing but when Rob passed near us, almost all of us got autographs again and Rob recognized Ci and he signed one of the pics that we had took the day earlier *____* one where he, Ci and Joana are together! :3333333333

Then we ran inside for the screening...

Some stayed there, others left for the 2nd screening at the Monumental Cinema, were they waited outside, front-line and saw Rob arriving, escorted by the police o o o

Joana had lost her ticket for Monumental at CCB so she had to go back :(. Ci, Mags
and Monica got in, and they had a couple of presents for Rob (and Kristen, Bear and Jella) so Ci gave the bag to Dean, and begged him to give it to Rob. He promised he would : ))))))

At 10pm everyone was already in the theater, and 5 minutes later, Paulo Branco, David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson appear to present the movie. Short speech

They went to the other room (we were at room 4, he went to room 1 where Bruna was) to present the movie as well.

They left and we watched COSMOPOLIS!

It was a fun 2 days of fangirling, getting to know new people and sharing our love for Rob and Kristen!

And just to make things perfect... The movie is awesome and Rob is brilliant in it!!!

PS: We knew the restaurants Rob went to have dinner both days and no one stalked him there, and no one was at the hotel on the 29th in the morning / day. We kept our promise. We know it may not seem fair, but to tell the truth, no one asked us on the 28th were we saw him. On the 29th people asked us in the screening were it was and we declined to say it. Main reason, although the place he was staying was a beautiful one, it had NO security and had a very public access. It didn't even had a underground garage. Absolutely not a pap proof place! There was only one pap there the day we were there.


Iluvthemovies said...

Ladies thank you for presenting your story, I am so pleased you had a wonderful time and especially had one on one time with Robert. I bet most women are so envious of that time you were able to share with him. I am also pleased you kept your promise, I especially dislike fans who call themselves fans and reveal information that can really bother a celebrity. So thank you again, it was a very sweet story, especially Rob saying Awwww when he signed the pic of Kristen and himself in the theater at Cannes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the 2nd hand embarrassment I felt when I read this. "Fans" who act like this and give shitty presents like this should be put on permanent birth control. And harassing a 15 year old, just because she doesn't like the Shrew? So fucking retarded.

Anonymous said...

That's a really great fan account! Thank's for sharing!!!

alwiega said...

I had fun with your fun too.