Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fan Meets Rob and Kristen (Feb 06) New Fan Pictures

Rob and Kristen were out for dinner and spotted by @deja_carter

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Her tweets

Why am I having dinner w/ Kristen Stewart right now ?! Lol
Rob finally came, even though we look crazy..still love him(: lol
Dinner was great! haven't seen Rob & Kristen in so long..I missed them<3 now omw home 2 pack..flight in the a.m


JA said...

is it just bad lighting?? *cries*

missy said...

Love the pictures glad to see them , haven see them in a while they look good .

Iluvthemovies said...

He looks like he has worked out. Look at the size of his neck.

katy said...

Fan pics with Rob and Kristen. What an amazing way to wake up to!!!

They look gorgeous as always!!!

Cindygal said...

Wow glad to see them.
Rob is BALD!!!

Cindygal said...

I wonder what is his next project!?

twmmy said...

@Cindygal making a baby - after Tom and Jackson... :)
Though I don't like his bald head... I don't like anybody's bald head. Do you suspect Rob, we won't be fans? We will be fans always.

PoppyAnna said...

oh, do they both look slightly tan? I hope so :-)

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

Yes, it looks like he packed on some weight. Kristen's cooking will do that, with the help of the "butter" lady. That, or he is tired of Taylor getting all the abs comments. Just kidding. :-)