Friday, February 10, 2012

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Trailer to debut on March 23rd with 'The Hunger Games'

From The LA Times (click to read the full article)
The trailer for the fifth and final "Twilight" movie, "Breaking Dawn Part 2," will debut exclusively on "The Hunger Games" in March -- the first significant example of synergy between Lions Gate Entertainment and its new subsidiary Summit Entertainment.

When the studio acquired Summit in January, Lions Gate executives touted the opportunities that would come from bringing together two of Hollywood's hottest young adult franchises. Because fans tend to get excited about seeing the first trailer for a highly anticipated sequel, Lions Gate is betting it can bring the huge base of "Twilight" fans to the opening weekend of "The Hunger Games," which debuts March 23.

"'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' trailer will debut exclusively on every 'Hunger Games' print on its opening night for what will be Lions Gate's largest release ever," Santa Monica-based Lions Gate's chief executive Jon Feltheimer said on a conference call with analysts Friday following the release of its financial results.

From The Hollywood Reporter (click to read the full article)
Lionsgate executives on Friday did much to talk up the synergies between the two studios now that the brain trust behind the Twilight franchise is at work on the launch of the next possible vampire flicks franchise once The Hunger Games debuts next month.

For example, the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer will debut on every Hunger Games print on its theatrical opening on March 23 – Lionsgate’s largest ever theatrical release.


katy said...
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katy said...

Ohh my, they are trying to get the twilight fan base to watch THG...not gonna happen, a least not me. I don't like THG

JA said...

i'm a hunger games i'm very happy with the trailer news.

vinciane said...


you will be my friend for life, i don't either HG, and it seems everybody around love this book :(
can't go and see this movie just to watch the trailer, will wait the release!

Iluvthemovies said...

I am certain ladies someone will record it and it will be on YouTube.