Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First 'Bel Ami' TV Spot

2 versions of the video. Choose the one you think has better audio/video.

"Smart, Sexy and Scandalous"

First video thanks to ToR
Second video thanks to @RespectKStewx


MrsLeezCullen said...

Another version of the Bel Ami TV Spot!

Iluvthemovies said...

Gosh, that man looks soooooo good in and out of a suit (and I am not talking about his hobo clothes). Lucky UK fans, I am envious of you having the opportunity to see that film. Who knows when we will finally see it in the states. Have fun and when you do see it plz tells us how wonderful Robert looks and acts.

katy said...

<33333 :)

JD said...

Gah... why can't the USA get a release date. They have to know it will make money with all of Rob's fans. So, why delay it?

meleny said...

so good! When is going to be release here in USA??? Please give us a date!!!