Monday, February 13, 2012

Rob wrote a screenplay for Martin Amis' 'Money'

ETA: So this is bit of info isn't new. The interview was posted during 'Water for Elephants' promo. Sorry, got excited for a few minutes :)

But I'll leave this post up because it looks like a lot of people (including myself) didn't remember the interview. Exciting after hearing during 'Breaking Dawn' promo him talking about the two screenplays he was working.

Did Rob write a screenplay for Martin Amis' 'Money'? According to Chris Ayres, contributing Editor at The Sunday Times of London and GQ, he did.

Here is Chris Ayres interview with Rob where he talks about writing the screenplay. From The Radio Times. (Via)
IIn the meantime, Pattinson has been writing his own screenplay - an adaptation of the politically incorrect Martin Amis novel Money about a chronically overweight, lecherous, hamburger-addicted director of 1980s fast-food advertisements who tries to break into Hollywood. The only problem: BBC Two debuted its own poorly received version of the cult book last year.

"I've wanted to make it into a movie for so long," sighs the actor. "I finally got the perfect little structure for it, then it suddenly came out, and I was like, 'Why?! Why now?!' I've been shopping it around, not that anything's come of it yet.

“The thing is, you can't do it as just the story, that's what [the BBC version] seemed like. The whole point is the writing, and you've got to find a way to translate that into film. It would be such an amazing movie, though. The dialogue is all there."

As for Amis's scathing portrayal of Hollywood excess - the British novelist worked briefly as a screenwriter in 1980, providing the script to the awful sci-fi drama Saturn 3 starring Kirk Douglas and the late Farrah Fawcett - Pattinson says, "That was definitely a thing in the 1980s, you can completely believe it. In fact, when you meet producers who were big in that decade, they still behave like that. But nowadays they've become quite sophisticated in their bulls**t."

Pattinson is under no illusions about the brutal economics (not to mention politics) of Hollywood, in particular the fact he must do big studio films to win the freedom for smaller, artier roles. "As with theatre in London, there's an accepted protocol, and if you start screwing with it - if you don't kiss certain arses and stuff - it comes back to bite you, and it's quite difficult to keep working," he muses.

It's not a secret that he's a big fan of the book. Here's part of his interview with USA Today from 2008
Q: If you got to play the main character of another book, what would it be?
A: Money by Martin Amis. I could do it in about 20 years.


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