Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Bel Ami' Reviews

ETA: All 'Bel Ami' reviews are being added to this post. The newest ones are at the bottom of the post.

ETA2: A really great and must read article about the 'Bel Ami' reviews - click HERE (via @PageMackinley)

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This will be the post for the Bel Ami reviews from critics at the 'Berlin Film Festival'.

Since most reviews are really long, here is just the link for them.

Indiewire - Thompson on Hollywood (Just a note about the March 2nd release date for the US - it's incorrect)


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ETA: A few more revies from JDIFF, Glasgow Film Festival and press screenings

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Angsty Retrogrrl said...

Isay it gonna be commical,lustful and sweet!!!!!;D <3Way to go Robert :D Your the bEST OUT THERE !!!!!!!I know the stress gets to you but I understand!!!!!!!

Iluvthemovies said...

On many of the reviews, they have some positive comments about Rob's performance with the exception of the Hollywood Reporter. I would agree that Rob needs more emphasis on improving his facial tics that seem to always be there, but with that said the director needs to be responsible and say, "hey Robert we need to do another take, you were blinking too much, you have the constipation look, whatever tic he is displaying. I wish Rob would also hire an acting coach just to assist him when projects are presented to him. I know this may not be something everyone wants to hear but it is honest. He has improved, this is an older movie, I just have a feeling Cosmopolis will blow the roof out of these out-of-touch critics, especially those that constantly rely on their review of a movie that Rob is in by adding the fanbase or Twilight mentions, instead of just reviewing the movie. I believe that is what they are getting paid for to review the movie, not to tell us how we need to react to it. No wonder many filmgoers no longer pay attention to critics anymore, with the internet and blogs we make our own determination what is good, bad, and ugly. We feel that Rob is worth watching and has the potential to do outstanding performances in the future. We thank Catherine Hardwick and Kristen Stewart for agreeing to hire him for Twilight, that lead to more lucrative and substantial projects outside of the franchise. Go Rob and get them, we will be there to watch, just improve those facial tics.

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

They are not really scathing reviews. It is a movie based on a good story. Some say he overemotes, some underacts, that he has no chemistry with the women he made love to. But that is the point; he was not in love with these women and making love was just a means to get his way. George Duroy was a cad who used people, especially women, to get what he wanted in life that he thought the whole world owed him, that he was only true to himself.

I wonder though if his extreme popularity, which to a lot of people in this business, is puzzling beyond logic and some could be jealous, may be a reason why critics are running him down. I say for those fans of Robert, to rally and see this movie. This movie was done two years ago, and since then he has acquired confidence. Still, it doesn't hurt for him to watch and observe actors like Robert De Niro, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Daniel Day Lewis and Morgan Freeman. Just my observation.

Iluvthemovies said...

@Laarni, ITA with your last paragraph, you stated it so much more elegant than I did. I will support him and I know he has the potential, personally wish he would obtain some outside assistance. As you said if he looks in a mirror and mirrors some of the outstanding performances of the actors you mentioned, I am certain it would only further his acting skills. Great choices btw on who he should observe.

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

Thanks Iluvthemovies. As you see, I am not one that swoon over his looks, but I am really fond of him. He is so self-deprecating and appears humbled, and I hope he remains sincerely so. You had made good comments here too. I like to see realistic criticisms. Rob will only profit from them.

SmittenWithRob said...

Honestly, I believe that if Rob had continued acting through a program in school, he would be much better than he is now. I say that because I have known many people who acted in high school and were rubbish, but after a while, they became much better. Those same people go on to participate in college theatre programs for undergrad and become fabulous. That's just because during acting school, you have the opportunity to make mistakes without millions of people watching you. You also have constructive criticism from a teacher and honest feedback from your peers. By forgoing formal instruction and going straight to Hollywood, I feel that Rob put himself at a disadvantage. There, you don't have the luxury to mess up and get away with it because everyone's watching you and some people have already invested a lot of money into you. Besides that, there's not much constructive criticism going on. His peers (i.e. co-stars) only say nice things because they don't want to ruffle any feathers and look bad, and the ones who do criticize are so nasty that it doesn't provide much help either. That's why I agree with you guys, Iluvthemovies and Laarni. If he accepts training from a very experienced acting coach and studies from the greats, I think he can truly be fantastic (or at least I really hope so). He just needs to get out of his own head; he needs to figure out how to deal with his self-consciousness.

I hope that doesn't sound too harsh; it's just that I really want this man to succeed, and so I have to be honest.

SmittenWithRob said...

Just think how amazing he would be if he had graduated from LAMDA!

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

I hope Rob is reading this and consider what was said above. We only wish him to succeed.

Iluvthemovies said...

SmittenWithRob I could not have said it any better. He will get there but as you say, it is going to take a longer time and even when he does achieve that there will still be critics and people who will dislike him because of either his ways or roles he selects. As both you and Laarni have said we will support him because Rob has charisma and even the best actors do not have that. Wow it is amazing to find finally people who see this objectively. @SmittenWithRob, pardon my ignorance but what is LAMDA?

SmittenWithRob said...

@Laarni, if only, if only (although I"m sure half of the things we say on here would totally freak him out xD)

@Iluvthemovies, no worries; LAMDA stands for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. It's an illustrious theatre school in the UK. I know they're famous for generating many successful actors (most of which I think remain exclusively on the stage; although, I know both Stephen Moyer and Sam Clafin attended and they're now popular in movies). Anyways, I think that if he went there, we wouldn't be reading a sentence of negative criticism because it would have been a really great, albeit rigorous no doubt, way to hone his craft.

verena said...

Fail to seduce?!?.... I'd love to know what miss Jessica Kinag needs to be seduced by a man?!?... Roberta Pattinson could not be more Bel Amì of what shows in the movie! She must have had problems with her sight... How painful!