Friday, November 4, 2011

Rob interview with Extra TV

"Everyone knows the series has been about abstinence and blah blah blah," said Pattinson. "And now that they're having sex, everyone's going to be curious."

The actor added, "It's not really for an outside observer, the majesty of sex." He then paused, laughing, "What am I talking about? I have no idea. I've had too much coffee."

Pattinson also responded to a comment he made in a recent interview that a real priest married him and Kristen Stewart in the "Breaking Dawn" wedding scene between Edward and Bella.

"I read something like that, which furiously took the piss out of me. Because they're like, 'Of course you're not [really married].' Even if it was a real priest, it doesn't make any difference, you've got to fill out all these forms. The [interviewer] kept confusing our real names and kind of calling us various different characters." But Pattinson mused, "We're married in so many different ways. I kind of like the idea of that happening, though."

The sexy vampire figured he's already proposed "about 40 times throughout the series," so when it comes time to do the real thing one day, "I'll be so smooth. [The girl] won't even know what's happening."

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1" sweeps into theaters November 18.

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MeggieCullen said...

huh, you guys say that the interviewer kept confusing their real names.. but it's the priest who did that, right?