Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn Still now HQ

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twilightnan said...

They are the most Beautiful bride and Groom in the world....this Carolina Herera's Wedding gown is so beautiful and Romantic..perfect for would be a dream come true if ROB and Kristen do tie the not for real in future ..Looking at these wedding shotsof E&B...I can't help it ...but I'm seeing Rob and Kristen instead :)

sue parris said...

Bella & edward make the most beauitful bride & groom ever and
the wedding dress was made just right for bella, but when ever i see this picture iam seeing kristen and rob.

Sierra said...

This wedding was so beautiful from the decorations to the vows and that beautiful beautiful dress.. I would have never thought to design a dress like that. It was what the world was waiting for and Bill Condon really delivered in this film. Definently the best part of the Twilight far.