Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Old Breaking Dawn Still Bigger and Better Quality

The stills from People unfortunately had to be removed due to copyright infrigment.

And an old still (from the Breaking Dawn calendar) in better quality. Click for bigger (Via)

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twilightnan said...

I totally loved the film...went to see it again last night with my daughter...I can get enough of the Wedding and the Honeymoon *all the sweet kissing and seductions between E&B *Rob and Kristen as 'Edward and Bella' were the most Beautiful perfect 'Bride and Groom' in the world!!! dream is for them to do it for real..The Twilight Fandom would explode in Jubilations IMO!!..God knows how long my Happiness would last..I'll be jumping like a teenager for weeks lol! dear hubby would probably commit me or locked me away somewhere and throw away the key lol!..hugs to all my peeps here on RPL..JA,Iluvthemovies,Twilola,and Yaelfica:)..Thanks to Mandy and Linda for all your hard work!