Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Interview from the Paris Press Junket

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Because of Twilight, you became a huge movie star. Do you get use to the fame, to the screaming fans, and so on ...?

Rob: Yeah, you get used to it a bot. When I was younger, the first times it happened to me, I felt unsettled. But now, especially when it comes to the screaming fans who used to terrified me, it happens so often that, it's part of my job. You know it's not because of me. When I wake up like ... I know it's the character they fantasizes about. It's a thing they've created in their own heads.
So, it's an interesting thing, you get completely detach from it.

You're almost done with Twilight, how did you feet the last day on set?

Rob: We shot Breaking Dawn for 10 months, when we finally finished, it was so cold and it was raining. We were shooting at night for weeks; so when we were done, I ran away, like, 'Oh okay, it's over *runs away*'

No crying?

Rob: Yeah, no, I don't think so. I think when Kristen and I were finally done, we had additional shooting to do after in the Carribeans. It was so nice that maybe I felt like crying on that one.

After 3 movies, Bella and Edward, your characters, get married and finally have sex. Were you prepared for that scene?

Rob: Umm I was definitely nervous about it. It just feels ridiculous, cause also we were doing it for a PG-13 movie so they had all these crazy notes. 'You can't thrust this hard. Stop thrusting so hard!' What am I supposed to do then. 'You can't move!'So, yeah, it was kind of fun. It was just very strange.

Are you comfortable with nude scenes, because there are some in the movie? Just a little, it's not a porno, of course.

Rob: I guess I'm comfortable with it. It depends on the environment. It's weird because you know you're being filmed and whoever wants to watch it, will be able to. But when you're on set, you feel like you're in the most secure place in the world. I mean, I feel more secure on set than in my hotel room. So, yeah, I've never really felt that uncomfortable with it.

You drink blood in the movie, Bella does too. What was it made out of? What did it taste like? Was it good?

Rob: It actually is. It's sort of a syrup. It's like a dyed red corn syrup, it's really sweet. I actually do 'drink it). So, when you have it around your mouth, every single person ends up licking their lips, which is ironic.

Are you afraid to leave Edward?

Rob: Not really. If there was another book in the series, I would be extremely interested to see where Stephenie Meyers would have taken the character. Because with this series, the last book closes the characters' stories. I mean, it's basically a story about someone who made peace with himself, in the fourth book he found peace with himself; if you'd do another book after that, it can only be boring.

And if there was one, would you do it?

Rob: If it's a good story but I think I would be too old. I don't know how much longer I can play 17 for.

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twmmy said...

Oh, no Rob. Maybe, at the first time it was because Edward, but now, I hope you will understand , it's because of you.... the screaming is for Rob Pattinson the actor, whom we love.