Monday, November 21, 2011

Rob and Kristen Talks to EW About The Scenes That Didn't Make the Cut

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One of the most anticipated scenes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1? The long awaited wedding between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart). And considering how many people went to see the movie in theaters this weekend, plenty of people have now gotten to see the action for themselves. (But for formality’s sake, consider this your official SPOILER ALERT.)

We’ve already told you about why the Iron& Wine song that plays during the ceremony held special significance for some of the cast, but Stewart and Pattinson also tell EW about some of the things audiences didn’t get to see. For example, the moment when Pattinson channeled another actor while filming the speech he gives at the wedding to his new bride. “No one was there really,” he says. “Just a bunch of extras. And for one of the takes, I went into a total Christopher Walken impression. I don’t know why. [Director] Bill [Condon] said, ‘What just happened? Why are you suddenly playing this like Christopher Walken?’ And I just couldn’t get out of it. It’s one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened to me.” He laughs. “I wish it happened more often.”

Another scene, featuring the Denali cousins (important because of their role in Breaking Dawn — Part 2, out November 2012) coming over to congratulate Bella and Edward, apparently didn’t make the final cut. “A little tiny piece of the scene made it into the movie," explains Stewart. “It was the last thing we shot, at 4 a.m. We did my close-up last, and I was laughing — literally laughing! — just looking at these ladies. All of a sudden it seemed so ridiculous to me, like, who are all these people at my wedding?”

“That scene just went on and on. It felt like forever. I loved it,” laughs Pattinson. “I always like the scenes where Kristen loses it.” A bonus feature for the DVD, perhaps?



twmmy said...

Well, thanks for xyor har dworking along thsi promo time. I think we shall have rest untill Bel AMi and Cosmopolis.
Though I didn't wait the wedding. i wa sonly curious, how they make edward in this film. I1m not really satisfied, it's ok, but not really good.

twmmy said...

Whoa, it was my third trying to send my comment, and made so many mistakes... sorry

twilightnan said...

I thought Edward and Bella as portrayed by Rob and Kristen on this Film were AMAZING!!!the wedding was beautiful like a fairytale...the! making was tenderly done--omg..loved all those kissing..and the seduction bits by Bella was so cute and funny--Rob/ward and Kristen were terrific!--I can't wait for the DVD...going tommorow to see BD again with my daughter and son in law!

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