Monday, November 14, 2011

New Interview with Aftonbladet

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Robert Pattinson has flown all around the world to promote the fourth and latest part of "Twilight". Back in LA the 25-years old teen idol share his reflections of his visit to Sweden.

- "I stayed at a really nice hotel with a fantastic view over the sea."

When Nöjesbladet meets Pattinson at a luxurious hotel in LA he is very tired after the time changes between the continents he has visited. But, he really enjoyed his visit to Sweden.

-"I did very typical, Swedish things" he says with a grin on his face.

Nöjesbladet Like what?

"I ate a lot of meatballs. But I actually didn't have much time to do anything."

He did have some time to go to Cafe Opera in Stockholm. Fan pic of Rob at Cafe Opera

-"Yeah, that was actually very fun. I wasn't planning on going there but was talked into it."

Nöjesbladet Didn't you want to go?

- "The funny thing with these PR- trips is that everybody wants you to go out and do things. They always say 'You can't just sit in your hotel room all the time'. They don't get that I cannot leave my room!"

He is refering to the huge attention the success of the movies have created and the thousands of fans that would do just about anything to meet him.

"Usually everybody else goes out and do stuff while I never get to see anything of the cities we visit. But, I had a really nice hotel room and I'm very glad I decided to go to this party because we had lots of fun."

Nöjesbladet So this mass hysteria around you as a person is your every day life now?

"Yeah that is always nice. The more movies we make, the more recognized we get. That people without any reason at all comes up to you and say that they like you is usually a good start. You learn to like that a lot."
He laughs. "This whole thing is still rather strange to me. If you ever get sick of people liking what you're doing then I don't see what you should live for."

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