Monday, June 13, 2011

Kenan Thompson about Rob hosting SNL: "That would be awesome"

Trying to get Robert Pattinson to host "Saturday Night Live" next season might be a bit like trying to make fetch happen. (Shout out to the "Mean Girls" fans out there!) But that doesn't mean we aren't gunning for it anyway. And it seems that—like Jason Sudeikis, who recently made us all giggle as the MTV Movie Awards host—Kenan Thompson is also petitioning to get the "Breaking Dawn" star on the show.

"That would be awesome," he told us at the "iParty With Victorious" bash, adding that he'd also be into Kristen Stewart stopping by. "They'd have to do whatever we asked them to do… it's usually great when people get into it."

(If Rob needs some more encouragement, Jason had these kind words for him: "We got you, buddy. You'll be fine. Hold on to me tightly. We'll take you through the forest of 'SNL.'")

Speaking of all things "Twilight," it seems that Kenan was intent on having James Franco get his vampire on. Unfortunately, no one else was. "I tried to do this one skit when I think James Franco was hosting," he revealed. "[The sketch was] about a kid who's a vampire with just one vampire tooth, but that didn’t work."


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