Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A few new/old fan pictures of Rob on the Cosmopolis set - May 29th

The last picture was posted before, but it's too cute, I added to this post too :)

Source: Stefter/Robdays and drapht13 at The Pattinson Project


twilightnan said...

Ah! thanks for that added pic..look at him..still waving to his fans..after no doubt a very tiring long day of shoots! cute..Bless him:).

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

thanks for all the pics and vids RPL!!

hey @twilightnan!! miss ya! i agree with u on the shoes thing...he could be wearing the "hobbit" feet the actors wore for LOTR and i'd still find him SEXI!!
gotta love the the other post with the pie scene pic and the it wrong for me to have find him HOTTER looking like a hobo during rehearsals than a millonaire during the actual scene???? o.O

miss my FAVS!!!luv to all of ya

twilightnan said...

@Yaelfica..hahaha!..I knew you'll be on my side..miss ya! as liking the Hobo looks as well!!his legs seem longer and sexier..I just can't understand JA's obsession with his shoes lol!!..hugs to the FAVS!!we're back!!it's nice and sunny over in England last day of June...not long now for ..Bel Ami ,and WFE DVD release day...and the most important "BD 1" !!I can't wait!