Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juliette Binoche talks about Rob and Cosmopolis with La Provence

For David Cronenberg’s new movie ?
J.B: Yes, it is called “Cosmopolis”. I play an art dealer who has an affair with Robert Pattinson. He, plays a billionaire who loses everything.

Robert Pattinson evolves in a sphere that seems far away from yours…
I don’t have a point of view about his career, I didn’t see the “Twilight” movies. We had diner together on set. He is an incredible cinema buff who for several years saw two to three movies a day. He is a fan of “Les amants du Pont Neuf” (The Pont Neuf lovers). He was funny, you would have thought he was a little child.

La Provence | Translation: Fatima | Via

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Suzanne said...

I believe the translation is incorrect. The end should say: He was really funny, just like a kid. He charmed me.