Monday, June 20, 2011

A couple new/old fan pictures of Rob at the Cosmopolis set

These look like some of the fan pictures that were posted, but I think they're are new

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Iluvthemovies said...

Why is it that Rob is so mesmerizing to me as Eric Packer more than any other film role he has done to date? I know Edward Cullen is probably always going to be his most famous role, but as Eric Packer he packs in all the gooey goodness of his looks stuffed in a black suit with shades. Youza, he is heaven on earth for me in Cosmopolis, he is truly the "man in black".

behindthelense said...

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Jane said...

Doesn't that second picture of the head shot remind you of when he smiled at the girl while getting ready to take his test in WFE?

twilightnan said...

@Jane,Yes,it's the cutest smirks..looks like he is about to do naughty things lol!..did he not say he was hoping to bed that girl in his class in WFE after the test?..the top pic is too much for my blood pressure lol! Iluvthemovies said.."Rob is so mesmerising,and trully "The man in Black"!..ITA 101%