Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Edward Cullen

We couldn't forget about Edward on his birthday. A character so important in Rob's life. 5 movies. 4 years of his life.

So here a small gifspam (sorry, they're not the best) of Edward. And his Bella.

Happy Birthday
Edward Cullen


Anonymous said...

Thx, these are excellent. He's excellent, beautiful, nice, sexy, strong, funny & more. Luv Rob &

JA said...

it's so wrong. i get equally excited about edward and rob's birthdays.

twmmy said...

Two characters in literature determined my life. First Shakespeare's Romeo at my fifteen and SM's Edward in my fifty.Uhh just realized the numbers... Two love untill forever. Please Rob play Romeo. Your sound perfect for it.

twilightnan said...

I know I'm late to the party on this site ..but better late than never as the saying goes!Happy Birthday" Edward Cullen" the most handsome and much adored Vampire in the world!!I have not been visiting regulary so I'm catching up on a lot of post..these are awesome pics and gifs,especially that one of Edward kissing Bella on the looks so Romantic!!!I can't wait to see this film..I'll be crying on the aisles...Rob as Edward is heavenly<333..Thanks RPL (Mandy and Linda)