Friday, June 25, 2010

Rob's 'Eclipse' Co-Stars, Nikki, Bryce and Jodelle, Only Have Great Things To Say About Him

Nikki Reed and Bryce Dallas Howard talk about Rob

Robert Pattinson was on top of his game at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse at the LA Film Festival Thursday night, and was on the “black carpet” to watch the fans and even his co-stars go wild for him as soon as they saw him.

“Rob’s a superstar,” Nikki Reed exclusively told as R-Pattz walked behind her on the carpet. The deafening screams by the fans that had waited for four days to see their favorite vampire had Nikki politely asking “Do you want to wait? Can you hear me?” when we started the interview.

Looking gorgeous in a Marchesa dress that she told us was “so comfortable,” Nikki said it was better to talk with Rob off the carpet at a premiere. “It’s more fun to see him when he’s not on the red carpet because you can actually hear!”

Bryce Dallas Howard, who replaced Rachelle Lefevre as the evil vampire Victoria, was not above acting like a fan around Rob. “Look what he’s wearing! He’s perfect,” she gushed over her co-star in Eclipse. She even joked that she was “Verklempt over the possibility of talking to Rob!”

Jodelle Ferland talks about Rob

There were two new additions to the cast that spoke with at the premiere. Kirsten Prout and Jodelle Ferland, who plays the newborn vampire Bree and who said she really enjoyed filming scenes with Rob Pattinson. "He's definitely not Edward Cullen," she dished. "Edward is so serious, he's a really cool guy!"

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♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

rachelle is my fav victoria but bryce is soooo funny!! love her in interviews!! i can't watch most interviews only the short ones coz something happened to my int conection. for new moon prem it was the same thing...i have the twilight saga curse or something..haha :(