Monday, June 28, 2010 Interviews Rob and the Eclipse Cast

Sorry, the video was too big to upload on Youtube. Some parts from old press junkets, but a lot of new stuff from the Eclipse press junket

Source via KstewAngel


SmittenWithRob said...

I love how rob says he would never buy the books! that's so terrible to say, but so true. I also love how rob is excited that kristen has to be miserable with the vampire makeup, too. LOL

This is great footage

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...
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♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

ROFL!!!!!! he's not gonna show any simpathy at all! vendictive he is I LIKE IT! hahaha

tks so much for this vid! but if u find at least the parts of rob in youtube format please please please upload THANK YOU!!

Iluvthemovies said...

ITA, Rob is hilarious talking about Kristen having to go through the same process he has had to deal with putting on the makeup and contacts and having no sympathy for her. Rob play nice. After she becomes a vampire, if they keep it in the movie you have one smoldering love scene in a cottage and you want to be certain Kristen returns your affection.