Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the Eclipse Cast Talk With CNN

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Iluvthemovies said...

Hello, I just wanted to ask if anyone will be seeing Eclipse at midnight? I have reservations for Friday evening and I am going with a friend who supports my Rob addiction. I have actually lost weight due to Twilight so instead of being addicted to food, I am addicted to fan fiction related to Twilight and this blog.

If any of you see the movie tonight, I don't need spoilers, but I do want to know if the leg hitch and proposal scene lived up to your expectations. I was very disappointed in New Moon and one of the reasons was I thought Robert and Kristen lost the chemistry of Bella and Edward on screen. However, from viewing the clips from Eclipse it looks like they have regained the passion. I need to know if it is worth it because I am paying good money for these tickets at Gold Cinema. They have a special menu for Eclipse and I will probably have Edward's Cold Kiss Brownie and I wish I could wash it down with a Bellatini. They need to invent that drink for Breaking Dawn since she will transform into a vampire for the film.

Look forward to your reviews of the movie.

Anonymous said...

Hi girl,
check these two sites out, maybe that helps ;-) (but it is totally full of spoilers!)




twilightnan said...

@ Iluvthemovies..so you're going to see Eclipse this friday,lucky you..I'm not going to see it not until Sunday,I'm going with my daughter ,( for special preview shows july 3-4)UK general release day is on the 9 of july so we'll see the film a couple of days early..I can't wait..same as u looking forward to the "leg hitch" + "the proposal"..I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time..whose looking after your grandmother??my best regards to her!

Iluvthemovies said...

Thanks for the info I appreciate it. I will see what is going on over at those sites.

I am so happy that you get to see Eclipse earlier than the 9th of July. Have fun with your daughter watching sexy Rob.

As for grandmama, I have a relative staying with her. It is times like this that I become depressed even though I know I am doing this for her because I don't want to put her in a convelescent home. When I read WFE, the older Jacob reminded me of my grandmother, they are the same age, and like him she uses a walker but as everyday passes she will need a wheelchair. I was crying when I read the book. That is why I am looking forward to Hal Holbrook's performance as the older Jacob and compare him to my grandmother.

Now onto a happier subject, Eclipse, I do hope it meets all our expectations. I believe it will from the reviews that I have read and the clips I have viewed that it truly will be the best of the series.

Take care all.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

i can't get wfe nor bel ami here so...an uncle gave me "jude the obscure" and it has nothing to do with rob but i keep picturing him as jude looking like jacob in wfe...i'm hopeless i know but it made the story much more interesting for me and not as depressin as it is getting..
keep the comments coming :D

twilightnan said...

@ Yaelfica..what do you mean you can't get wfe nor bel ami? do you mean you can't buy the books? I've read wfe-and it's a beautiful love/drama story..I would gladly give it to u if I could ...I have not read Bel Ami yet so will go to waterstones book store to get my copy and at the same time buy my dvd remember me..been busy taking the granchildren on day trips..just one question where is Dean? Rob's bodyguard I didn't see him at the premiere.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

@twilightnan yes!! i was just asking myself the same question!! where is dean! it's funny that we noticed that but they are like a team or something haha...
and sadly i can't get those books where i live...and the bookstore can't get them from buenos aires either so i don't know what to do..i refuse to read them online if they are and i don't have visa o master...so i'll just have to wait..tks for the concern

Mrs.Deen said...

Hi everyone, I will be watching the movie tomorrow June 30th at 8:00PM with my daughter. I will try to give some review without much spoilers after I come back. I should be going again on the weekend, not sure how many times I will be watching. I am worse than my daughter.

I have a feeling Dean might have been around inside somewhere as most of these kids get more security for the premiere from Summit. Atleast that is what I think or he might have taken a day off as Rob has security from Summit. We can say he is as busy as Rob and he needs a break don't you think?

Wish everyone a great Eclipse week. I see some good reviews which is exciting.