Friday, June 25, 2010

Rob went to a very "romantic" high school

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Eclipse characters, Bella and Edward, essentially have three or so movies of virginal eternal longing for each other; they never quite go all the way (except in Breaking Dawn, which Melissa Rosenberg swears she's penning as quite sexy...but more on that later).

When we talked to the stars of Eclipse at last night's premiere at the L.A. Film Festival, we threw it out there to the cast: Do you think the longing and self-control the main characters exhibit when it comes to sex is something high schoolers can actually relate to these days? Here's what Rob, Kristen, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz had to say...

"Oh my god, definitely," Stewart told us on the carpet with the stern-yet-sweet look she exhibits so well. "I feel like everything in our movie—the reason people love it so much—is because it's everything that we experience. It's like put on this...I don't want to say ideological...It's just put on this level that it is fantasy love. You feel like when you're in love it's fake almost. I feel like that's how everyone feels."

Spoken like a girl who has been truly smitten before! Speaking of, Rob, in his über-cool, maroon Gucci suit, added that he has no clue if holding out for something great is in touch with teens today, but it's what he is used to.

"I hope so," Pattinson dished about whether Edward's self-control is relatable to guys his age.

"I don't know, I didn't really go to a normal high school," R.Pattz ‘fessed. He added, "I went to a very romantic high school."

So that's where he learned his suave tricks!

Ash and Kellan chimed in on the matter, too.

"I think that's the positive impact and positive message our film has: to teach girls there are guys that will wait for you, and there are guys that will respect you," the lovely Ms. Ashley said about how realistic the love story is. "And for guys, you know, that they don't have to settle for some girl that doesn't have it all. I think it's really nice that both Bella and Edward have found the complete package in each other and they are still willing to wait for each other."

"You know what, I think it's coming back," Kellan, unfortunately in a suit and not just his Calvin Klein's, told us about teens holding out.

"I have a sister who is here, Brittany Lutz, and it's really cool that she's reading these books, and her friends are reading these books. The world has gone kind of corrupt. I remember from my day, I had twin brothers in high school—all those drugs are around, what are kids doing these days, and other things, sexual experiences. In reading these books, my sisters really stay true to themselves and their feelings and don't just go off of lust, but love, and holding out. It's really cool."

Be sure to check out Eclipse when it hits theaters June 30. Rob and Kristen may not do it yet onscreen, but there are some hot make-out sessions!



Sarah said...

Interesting. I think people should just realize sex is not just about the act itself. There is a lot more to it. So, you should be absolutely sure when you decide to do it and with whom.
That's it.

It's not about religion and stuff. I think people focus too much on that that they think the automatic answer that everyone wants to hear is "Yeah, you should wait for marriage!" but when it comes down to it I think the correct answer is you should wait for THE RIGHT PERSON. Because everything else is probably just stupid and shallow and regrettable. :)

jay said...

f that!!!! shots shots shots shots!!