Friday, January 8, 2010

Tom Sturridge says Rob is his best friend :D

Interview is not so recent. During 'Pirate Radio' (The Boat That Rocked) promotion.

He's very private, but talks about Rob at 02:58.

He mentions Bobby Long, Marcus Foster and Johnny Flynn at 02:15 :)

Via Team_Brit_Pack


Anonymous said...

Tom is fiercely loyal and protective of Rob. He has the most awesome speaking voice, too. I hope he finds the success in his career that he deserves.

Unknown said...

I totally agree, I loved him the Boat that Rocked, so amusing. I would probably go watch another movie with him in, not quite Jawporn of the Rob kind, but he does have his own appeal.

lena said...

Tom is cool!
very sweet and a great friend.