Monday, January 25, 2010

Orlando Bloom Feels For Rob

As for the blogosphere, Orlando says he keeps out of it because he read one a long time ago and “couldn’t believe how nasty it was.” Mr. Bloom reminisced about his start in Hollywood and how his popularity exploded after Lord of the Rings. How did he cope with it? “I kept myself busy with work but now, it’s crazy! Look at that guy Robert Pattinson. The poor guy can’t go anywhere now!”

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Cherri said...

Using those comments from Orlando is so strange. I have been thinking about writing a paper on pheromone's, how we are chemically attracted to one another. The explanation Stephanie wrote to describe Edward's attraction to Bella was textbook. The Heroin speech. Sorry I'm a Med. student (Radiology) and I have an entire semester ahead of me without an ounce of biology, I'm having withdrawls. Thank you Mandy, Monica and Michelle for the time you spend updating this site, its been a great distraction for me.