Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ben Parker Shares Info About 'Bel Ami'


Ben Parker, a London-based musician, has been tapped to tutor the cast of Bel Ami with singing and music lessons.

Ben confirmed his appointment with and we are excited to share this news with you and also to make you aware of Ben’s music. Not only is he a solo musician, but Ben has recently founded a new band, Braxton Hix.

For now he has only been given a small brief in what is the pre-production stage of making the Bel Ami movie.

Filming of Bel Ami is set to begin February 15. We will keep you posted!

Today he tweeted:

And a new Bel Ami draft

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Anonymous said...

More twits from
~ some more film work has slipped my way. this time it's Thurman, Scott-Thomas and Ricci in 'Bel Ami'. 19th century France darling
~ crazy. something to do with some kind of robert pattinson film. never heard of him.
~ the book is supposed to be great. I had the production manager give me a brief plot synopsis. sounds amazing.
~ ooh, just got the Bel Ami script. All I can say is it's one hell of a story!
~ not score. that's the wonderful Rachael Portman. I'm tutoring actors for music scenes.
~ scene 30. music. that's all for now ;-)
~ nope. not RP. i think he can handle himself
~ now I'm a straight man, and even i'm starting to turn the Pattinson way ;-)