Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Norwegian Interview With Rob?

This seems kind of sketchy, but apparently Topp is a serious magazine and gets one-on-one interviews with celebrities.

From mayfrayn @ Pattinsonlife

A Norwegian magazine was able to interview Robert in London on January 22nd. This is rough translation of the online article:

Friday 22 January journalist Stine Hartmann talked with the teen idol in London.
The 23-year-old "Twilight"-favorite Robert Pattinson, who a few years has gone from being a relatively unknown "Harry Potter" actor to be mentioned alongside the greatest movie stars of Hollywood, is on everyone's lips and Thursday he took time off from his busy life to be interviewed.
Many of you will be jealous now to hear that we have met himself RPatz, but we are saving
the interview for the next issue of the magazine edition.

What we now want to hear is how it really is to meet Robert in reality.
- He is deadly handsome, although his face almost disappeared in the heavy beard growth, he now has. He almost looked like a guy who had been living in woods in a couple of months, but was still very attractive. He acts as the neighbor boy as he sat beside me and drank Diet Coke, Stine admits to topp.no.
- In the beginning he seemed very tired. This was namely, his only day off in a long time since he goes right in time with the recording of the film Bel Ami, which premiers next year. But he could love us steaming hot scenes with both Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, explains Hartmann.
- He was wearing very casual clothing - wool sweater, black jeans, sneakers and a cap and did not seem like he cared as much about fashion right. However, he could reveal that he liked the Marc Jacobs very well. A plus for me sitting there with my brand new Marc Jacobs! He smiled when I said that I also liked the Marc Jacobs very well, reveals the journalist to topp.no.
Topp Journalist Stine Hartmann got to meet Robert in London, but unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures of him or ask questions regarding his personal life, but I still managed to pry a couple of things out of him, end Stine.

If he is romantic or not, and how he checks out a girl, you can read about in the next issue of the magazine ...

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weegie said...

Topp is the magazine that has sponsored all Twilight happenings in Norway, so I think they are serious about it...I'll have to go buy me the next topp magazine now, LOL ;)