Monday, January 18, 2010

Justin Bartha (The Hangover) is a HUGE Robert Pattinson fan

According to the Internet, Zac Efron will have a role in the upcoming "The Hangover 2." However, according to the film's star, Justin Bartha, you shouldn't believe everything the Internet tells you — after all, if you did, you'd also be under the impression that Robert Pattinson might be joining Efron in the sequel to last year's hit comedy.

"Other people have said that, and we were at the Critics' Choice Awards the other day and I'll quote [director] Todd Phillips when someone else asked [if Zac Efron is in the film] — he said, 'IMDB is not the Wall Street Journal. It is run by a 15-year-old boy in Tampa. So be careful what you read,' "Bartha told MTV News on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday.

"But, yes, he is. And so is the vampires from 'Twilight,' and Will Smith is also in it," he joked. "Huge Pattinson fan. Huge."

OK, so Efron won't be joining the gang for antics in the next flick — but will Mike Tyson be back? Bartha hopes so. "I want Tyson with me all the time. He's the greatest guy ever."

All joking aside, what can fans expect from the next "Hangover" movie? Well, Bartha knows but he's just not allowed to tell. "Well, we're all ready to go and I think we're looking later on in the year. There's a few more things to be worked out but it looks like it could happen at the end of the year," he said of filming. "I do know a little bit about it, yeah. No, not in Las Vegas — that I can tell. I can't tell you anything else."


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